24 Dec
Surviving School Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! If ‘wonderful’ means I’ve gained back 5 pounds already from all the fudge and my children began driving me crazy on the very first day of school vacation. So I thought I would remind all of us of these school holiday survival tips.

See you on the other side of the holidays! (I hope.)

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Comment by You Finally Get to Hear My Voice. Aren’t You Thankful? | Queen of Shake Shake.

[…] vlog is over at The Mouthy Housewives and is about surviving school holidays. My advice combines environmental awareness with the next […]


Comment by Hilly.

Look how totally cute you are!
Thank you for not asking me what I am thankful for, haha.


Comment by kelcey.

Great tips! I’m ordering mine today!


Comment by Melanie.

I’ll need a bigger bottle of vodka than that, sugar. 😉


Comment by MommyTime.

“Personally I like to release them into the germ infested playground to annoy other people’s children for an hour or so. It’s a nice break for me.” Seriously, I nearly snorted coffee all over my keyboard. You are hilarious. I plan to do this several times this holiday season. Thanks for the great reminder.


Comment by joeinvegas.

Wow, even prettier than I imagined (and I imagine well). And what was that you were pouring into your coffee cup?


Comment by Sophie.

Heather, you truely rock! and shake! and.. and… i’m lost for mataphores here. I’ll give you a call when the dreaded passover break looms over our heads.


Comment by corrin.

I’m taking your advice and I don’t even have kids.

Also, how frickin’ adorable are you? How is that fair?


Comment by Marinka,TMH.

I would like to order a kit. Do you do custom orders with extra mad money and supersized vodka?


Comment by amy2boys.

corrin up there cracks me up.

And I’ll need a dozen or so of those little bottles. Do you have ginger infused vodka, by any chance? It’s for the Mom eggnog.


Comment by Keyona.

Heather you look beautiful! Ok so what if you are pregnant and can’t drink? Huh huh??

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