23 Aug
She’s Leaving! For Kindergarten!

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

My daughter is starting kindergarten in two weeks and I’m a nervous wreck. I thought I’d be okay with her being gone all day, but I’m feeling really sad that my little girl is leaving me. Is this weird? Shouldn’t this just happen when they go to college?


Kinder Kim


Dear Kim,

Oh, don’t get me started. Wait—too late. Because the other day when I was watching a sappy commercial about some kid starting 1st grade, suddenly I was sobbing into my gin and tonic. And not just because it was light on the gin. No, I got teary eyed because I realized that my children would never again be in 1st grade, that their babyhood was over forever.

So based on my own experience, as confirmed by the flurry of responses I received from my fellow moms replying to my mass email that asked if “anyone else feels sad that their kids aren’t babies anymore?”, you are perfectly normal. Parents mourn the passing of every stage of their children’s lives (with the possible exception of the Horrific Threes, whose passing they cheer with cocktails and pinatas).

But although it’s normal, it’s also temporary. Because the initial pangs of “My baby!” will soon be replaced with “Why is my baby bringing endless arty crap home from school?” and “ANOTHER lice outbreak in my baby’s class?!” And if you decide that you want to be immersed in your daughter’s school life, there will be plenty of volunteer PTO opportunities. (But tread lightly with those.)

Also, as your daughter makes new friends, you will too. My children’s friends’ mothers are some of my closest friends now. Which is fantastic when school is closed on a snow day and I need to unload my precious angels somewhere.

So go easy on yourself and feel okay about feeling sad. And don’t worry, college will bring its own sadness. You’ll know it when you see it; it’ll have the Bursar’s Office on the return address.

Good luck,
Marinka, TMH

6 Responses to “She’s Leaving! For Kindergarten!”


Comment by always home and uncool.

Actually, the sadness is eventually replaced by “Jesus H., when the hell does school start again so I can get these mouth-breathers out of my hair?!!”


Comment by Wendi.

I just dropped off my boys at school and felt really sad. Then I realized I can now go to a matinee at noon. Woohoo!


Comment by writingmama04.

I just did my 3rd Kinder drop. This one was very sad πŸ™ . The first 2 couldn’t wait to get their freedome – my daughter cried and clung to my leg. Now I’m home with my last one who will go next year. I know that as soon as I left the classroom, she was fine. But I’m the one who will remember her tears all day. I’m sure she is saving them up for some good loot she will expect after school. And I’ll probably be accommodating….


Comment by Truthful Mommy.

Oh, my daughter started last Thursday and it was emotional but she is so stoic. I sucked it up so she wouldn’t get too emotional. I pointed her int he direction of the saddest kid and said go be her fiend. She came home that night with a new bestie. It doesn’t help though that my husband cam with me ( for support) and her started crying ( damn him). It hurts. Letting go, always does. I’m sure it gets easier as they feel more safe and comfortable in their news surroundings.I volunteered to be room mom. I did that last year and I loved it ( plus I got to visit the class:)Gotta go, time to pick her up. I love the pick ups, her and her sister just cling to one another. it is precious and I think good for their relationship.


Comment by Plano Mom.

One word. Nap.


Comment by dusty earth mother.

I agree with Truthful Mommy, go point your kid towards someone and say go be her fiend. πŸ™‚ (I know you meant friend, TM, but you gotta admit, that’s quite a slip).

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