04 Oct
Play Dates are No Fun with Stinky Feet

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

My first grader has met a new friend at school and we’ve already had her over a few times. She is a really sweet girl but her feet stink. At first I couldn’t figure out the smell. I thought something was rotting in the trash or a dead animal was in the house. Yes, it’s that bad. But it turns out to be her feet. I want my daughter to continue this friendship but my nose can’t handle it. My daughter doesn’t seem to notice. I don’t know the mother at all. Please help!


She’s Nice But Her Feet Don’t Smell Like Sugar and Spice


Dear She’s Nice,

So let’s focus on the positive. Your daughter made a new friend!! Making friends can be hard (have you tried it lately?) and how wonderful that she connected with someone in her class.  You don’t want to sabotage their blossoming relationship so we must find a solution to these stinky play dates.

You could talk to her mom. Something casual like… you know what? Forget it. There is no casual way to say to a virtual stranger, “Your daughter’s feet smell like the inside of a dump truck.”

Let’s move on to option two. As soon as the girls arrive at your house, let them know that you JUST had the floors refinished. No, it’s not true. But the tooth fairy doesn’t come down and put wads of cash under your daughter’s pillow either. Sometimes we must take a little creative license. In order to not ruin your newly redone floors, the girls must put on socks. Loan your daughter’s friend some socks and you will be quite happy at the outcome. The scent should be greatly diminished. You could probably keep up this ruse for awhile.

Once that idea runs its course, suggest the girls do pedicures! Fill up a little pedicure tub for their feet and they can scrub away. You can definitely do that for a few play dates.

By this time, you should know this girl well enough that you can politely request that she wash her feet as soon as she comes over. Your daughter can do it too. At the very worst, she’ll think you’re some kind of weird neat freak. And that is a small price to pay for a house that smells like sugar and spice.

Good luck,

Kelcey, TMH


4 Responses to “Play Dates are No Fun with Stinky Feet”


Comment by atxtrish.

I wonder if this woman knows my daughter because she went from age four and me loving to smell her feet and tickle her toes to almost age five and having to fumigate the house. We have had to leave the room, spray the shoes, wash the shoes every other night. So now, we need to buy new shoes and make her wear socks. The mom probably knows the girl has stinky feet but is in complete denial thinking no one else will notice. Because that’s where I’ve been. I feel sorry for her poor teachers at nap time…


Comment by Ami.

I like the sock idea. You could even hit the inside of her socks with a little baking soda first.


Comment by Bitsy.

Yes! And while her shoes are off, go sprinkle some powder in them.


Comment by Plano Mom.

My kid was a stinky feet kid. You have to buy leather shoes, even sandals. I’ll bet Mom is aware, but keeping ahead of the smell is a challenge. I tried not to get too embarrassed about it, so that my daughter didn’t get too insecure, but we definitely didn’t hide it. We treated it as a natural thing that caused a little trouble, similar to a hairy man needing to shave. The socks are a great idea, and you can keep that going for a long while. Once you get to know her, perhaps you can approach it as a matter-of-fact issue, similar to a nose that needs blowing.

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