14 May
One, Two and Now We’re Three! Happy Birthday to the Mighty Mouthies!

Believe it or not, it’s our birthday today! Yes, just three years ago The Mouthy Housewives were nothing but a twinkle in Bradley Cooper’s Swiffer and now just look at us! We’re walking, we’re talking, we’re learning to use the potty by ourselves—OMG, it’s so fun to be 3! Wheeee!

We’re celebrating our big milestone by swilling champagne, gobbling chocolate and licking pictures of Channing Tatum in our Mouthy Mansion all week, and that’s why we need your help. As you know, all year long, we four gorgeous martyrs answer every single one of your questions. Happily, we may add. Even the dog poop and naked model with a stiffy ones. But our birthday is the one week a year when we ask YOU to help US with our issues. Yep, we have problems, too, friends. Even stunning geniuses have flaws. Just ask poor, troubled Giselle Budchen. Bikinis can chafe.

But because we love all of you, our readers, we know that you’re up to the task. So just do what we do: carefully read the question, sniff some glue and/or bath salts, then put on your thinking Spanx and give us your best answers to our problems. Isn’t that so much easier than buying us all a present? Thank you!

First up: Wendi

Dear Mouthy Housewives’ Readers,

I absolutely hate cooking dinner. HATE IT. I’m a terrible cook and just not interested in improving. I’d be perfectly happy having cottage cheese and fruit for dinner every night if I lived alone. Maybe popcorn if I was feeling festive.

The problem is, I don’t live alone. I live with two kids and a husband. And did you know that kids need to be fed THREE TIMES A DAY?

Anyway, I can usually figure out something they’ll eat, but then my husband doesn’t like it. (He’s very, very healthy and often goes on various regimines where he won’t eat carbs, etc.) Or I make something he likes and the kids hate it. I don’t want to cook something different for everyone, nor am I that interested in delving into cookbooks and trolling Whole Foods for the perfect recipe to please everyone. But I would like us all to eat together at least a couple of nights a week.

My husband is probably okay with just making his own food, but he also works all day and it’d be nice if I could at least make a couple of meals for the family. Any suggestions? Signed,

Wendi, TMH



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Comment by Cate8.

Ugh— I feel ya. I still have 5 kids at home… feeding them is a chore.
My crock pot is my best friend …. if I am up early enough to get it started before I go to work.
But I am lucky I don’t have to feed a husband….got rid of that nuisance!


Comment by Momof4Luds.

I’m sure you will get lots of suggestions about what to cook, but here’s the key that will save your sanity long term. Get a notebook (one of the kids’ from last year that they wrote 3 pages in but refuse to use again this year will do nicely.) Once you stumble across something that all 3 of your picky eaters likes, WRITE IT DOWN IN THE NOTEBOOK. That way, before you know it, you will have a list of meals that you can turn to without having to FIGURE IT OUT every day. And the most important part: remember where you keep the notebook. This is always my biggest challenge.

Momof4Luds Reply:

Oh, and Happy Birthday!! You all make my day on a regular basis!


Comment by Melissa.

Tacos and Nachos. Seriously, put out some tortilla chips or shells, plus a bunch of other stuff (maybe grill some chicken for your nutjob, er I mean healthnut, husband) and let them do what they want to do. If someone only wants chips, let em eat chips. Oh yeah and give the kids some milk with Ovaltine so that you can feel good about the nutritious meal you’ve provided.

Nicole Reply:

Yes. Tacos. Always with the tacos. We cannot live without the effin’ tacos. Because they are tasty. And people can do they own thang.


Comment by Plano Mom.

I’m in the notebook camp, although I’m not quite so organized. My notebook is a binder with page protectors, and I throw anything in there – recipes, notes, and most importantly, takeout menus.


Comment by Kelly.

I have nothing…but I’ll keep coming back to see what others suggest because I have the same problem.


Comment by StephanieG.

At our house, they eat what I cook, or they fend for themselves. MrG and LittleG are extremely picky and mostly hate different things, so my cooking options are very limited. I try to cook at least one thing at every meal that all three of us will eat, then toss in a couple sides that at least two of the three of us will eat.

We also play Kitchen Bingo at least once a month. On Bingo night, you find your own meal from leftovers, make your own sandwich, or heat up your own frozen pizza. Bingo nights are the best because we all participate in the process, so I don’t get stuck making multiple meals, and everyone ends up more or less happy with dinner that night.

Danielle Reply:

I agree. Just make something and force them to eat it. For instance I love to make lasagna. My son will eat the meat out of it and so will my husband (noodles have carbs :O ). I add spinach, olives and lots of cheese. They just pick out what they want to eat from it and we are good.


Comment by Danielle.

I can relate to the husband with the ever changing diet. It’s like he’s trying to annoy the hell out of me. I plan my meals out a month in advance for budget and shopping purposes. If he changes his diet mid month he’s SOL. I’m not changing everything to fit his finicky eating.

Pizza is a family favorite. I rotate fridays with pizza and nachos. Since it’s nice out Thursdays are hamburger/hot dog nights. I rotisserie chicken fairly often. Healthy and tasty. When I make something my husband likes and my son and I do not like (fish) I usually use something from a box or can to satisfy us. Think canned chili and frozen burritos for smothered burritos. It’s a favorite, even for me.

My main suggestion is to pick a good meat. Learn to prepare it in an awesome way (pork chops slit open and stuffed with mozerella, spinach and sauteed onions, browned and then baked to perfection. Tastes like heaven. Oh use real butter!) Once you have your meat you can make a few sides so that everyone will have something to eat. I always make potatoes for myself and my son though they’re too unhealthy for my husband. He just eats meat usually.

Another good recipe: Chicken breasts/thighs, green beans, potatoes and cream of mushroom soup. Combine in one of those tin foil baking bags. Bake or grill. Very quick and easy but also tasty. Just throw some chicken in with any cream soup and veggies and you have a good meal. Throw any meat on the grill with potatoes and you have a good meal.

I work full time so my meals are always quick but always delicious!


Comment by Amethyst Moon.

I say tell them all to eat it or go to bed without dinner! That always works well, right?! *crickets*


Comment by Marinka.

I think you’re doing your sons a favor. Some of the chefs I know started cooking because their mother wouldn’t. The ones that didn’t starve to death first, I mean.


Comment by MommyTime.

Try having a meal planning session on Sunday. For the first four days of the week, each person gets to choose a dinner (rule = there has to be some kind of protein and some kind of veg involved each night). Mom gets Friday, Dad gets Saturday (you’re the parents, you each get two nights to choose, life isn’t fair, kids, get over it). Final day = leftovers, sandwiches, etc. The deal is this: if you winge, whine, refuse to eat what someone else has picked, you lose your day to pick the dinner next week. Bonus: cuts down on whining from all parties. Also bonus: kids get lessons in meal planning, including how to consider options to make everyone happy without planning more than one meal. (In our house, for example, carrot sticks are considered a reasonable sub for cooked carrots; things cooked for a stir fry can be served in little piles on the plate before everyone else’s dish gets tossed into the sauce, etc., There’s no separate cooking, though sometimes there is separate serving strategies, like sauce on the side, etc.) Third bonus: as kids get older, their nights to “pick” the dinner become nights to COOK the dinner, and you just saved yourself a few nights of cooking. Also, you will find it easier to make a grocery list if it’s planned.

raspberryrachel Reply:

That is a brilliant idea! I don’t have kids and only have to cook for myself, but I have many friends who have kids and this would definitely help them!


Comment by Cait.

The answer is very simple. Hire me. I cook, clean, entertain kids and keep my mouth shut. Plus I’m very useful as a DD after PTO meetings 🙂


Comment by Mom on the Verge.

SAUCE. That’s the secret. My kids eat baked chicken, white rice, and cauliflower. (Yes, a beige meal.) But the hubs and I have Thai Curry — by mixing that can of coconut milk and curry paste together and pouring it over the top. Same with tacos, stew, chili, etc. Good luck!


Comment by Kelly.

1. Sit down with your husband and brainstorm a list of 20 (or more) meals that satisfy his dietary restrictions, you like to eat, and are relatively kid friendly.
2. Post the list on the fridge. Pick 3 meals per week; You make two, he makes one; if necessary, adjust the recipes so that they feed your family for two nights of the week.
3. On the day you cook, set aside enough time to make both of “your” entrees. This way, YOU’RE only cooking one day/night per week. Try to make one of the meals a casserole or a crock pot meal that you can make ahead and cook later.
4. Keep on hand enough canned/frozen fruit and vegetables to feel like the meal was “rounded.”
5. Have an extra glass of wine…you’ve earned it!

I don’t follow this plan every week, but when I do even a bit of meal planning, cooking seems so much less overwhelming. When I set aside time to “cook double”, I feel like I’m treating myself to multiple nights off later in the week!


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Comment by Bean.

Ugh. Hate cooking. I make a monthly menu. At least then, the decision making is done.

My family’s favorites are:
Sunday baked chicken – everyone loves it, and good leftovers;
Pizza on fridays – the girls top their own; and
Breakfast for dinner about once every 2 weeks. Waffles & eggs usually (I add extra eggs to the waffles for more protien) with fruit – it’s a big hit.


Comment by Liz @ PeaceLoveGuac.

Bean and I have very similar menus, although I only plan a week out.

I also make a big batch of brown rice and pasta once a week and reheat with different ingredients for meals. One of my kids’ favorite things is “Raid the Fridge” night. The only rule is that they have to make a somewhat balanced/colorful plate. Sometimes that means yogurt, grapes, green peas and leftover pizza crusts. Whatever works!


Comment by shanan.

The only way to motivate me to cook was to cook the things I like! Simple Thai recipes and such. Also, grilling is fast and make a salad ( dump the bag in a bowl). Pulled pork in a crock pot is fast and just needs some hamburger buns. Good luck, lord knows I am not the domestic diva!


Comment by tracy@sellabitmum.

I wish I loved cooking…but alas I don’t. Luckily I have three girls and they already fall into the “can’t we just have a salad or popcorn for dinner” category! Seriously, my work here is done. So, after I make salads and popcorn for the four of us, I also put out a bowl of food for the male cats and then text my husband to pick-up something for himself on the way home..unless he wants Fancy Feast of course.


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Comment by raspberryrachel.

I had a (now ex) fiancee who was incredibly picky about his food and it drove me nuts. I finally had enough of it and told him that if he couldn’t give me a consistent list of things he wouldn’t eat, then I was going to cook what I wanted and he could pick out the stuff he didn’t want. He’s a big boy, he can stomach it down, even if he doesn’t like something. (Unless of course he’s allergic or it makes him sick. Then by all means leave it out!)

As for your picky kids, my suggestion is that you do what my parents did for me. I had to try something 3 times. If after 3 (small) bites, I still did not like it, I didn’t have to eat it. But… if I didn’t want to eat it, I would have to fend for myself. It worked like a charm. I almost always ended up actually liking whatever it was that was the most disgusting thing I’d ever seen five minutes before, probably because I just didn’t want to go hungry.

Hope you find something that helps!

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