17 Aug
Never Stiff The Babysitter

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

I have been interviewing for new babysitters, and found one I like. I want her to come next week to meet with the kids for 1/2 hour or so, and then one more time after that so they can get to know her while I’m there. Do I pay her for this?


Pay to Play?


Dear Pay to Play,

You like this sitter, yes? You would like this sitter to spend precious time with your priceless offspring, yes? Then, in a word, YES. And, duh.   Though your sweet angels may be the most glorious creatures on earth to you, nobody but blood relatives or close friends wants to be with them voluntarily. Especially someone who gets paid to watch children.

When I babysat, a million years ago, I ranked my clients in terms of what they paid me, how good their snack food was and how bearable their children were. If I came over for more than 15 minutes, I would expect to be paid. Period. If the parent stiffed me, I would most likely lose their number, or at least save them for times when I was really desperate. And I would probably tarnish their reputation all over the babysitting world.

If you’d like to keep this sitter around, pay her and pay her well. Always round up and invest in some yummy snacks.   Don’t cancel at the last minute and don’t run two hours late without calling. Treat her with the same respect that you want your children treated.

Good care is hard to find, and to quote one of my all time favorite movies “don’t fuck with the babysitter.” The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.


Jill, TMH

Thank you so much to our wonderful guest Mouthy Housewife– Jill from Scarymommy–for filling in this week. Be sure to visit her fantastic blog!

6 Responses to “Never Stiff The Babysitter”


Comment by Ashlie- Mommycosm.

Great job, Jill! You hit the nail on the head. For the sitter, it’s not just playing, it’s a job. Pay her.

And if you really love her – don’t offer her number to all of your friends. They might just have better snacks than you. I know from experience.


Comment by christy.

I completely agree! I always round up and go snack shopping before our sitter comes over – she’s never been unavailable for us yet!


Comment by Inna.

Snacks will make anyone happy! That and getting paid.

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Comment by GrandeMocha.

I pay my sitters VERY well and they are accomodating.

I remember telling mommys that called when I sat that I was sick when I didn’t want to watch THOSE kids and wasn’t desparate for the cash.


Comment by Live.Love.Eat.

Yay to Jill – great advice. But I expected nothing less.


Comment by Sophie, Inzaburbs.

Ashlie is spot on with her comment.
I have a friend who loaned her $8 an hour babysitter to another friend, only to have her transform into a $15 an hour babysitter – one who was suddenly unavailable to the original family…

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