13 Jan
My Sitter Sucks But My Kid is Happy

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

I have a babysitter that is driving me crazy but my kid really likes her. She has lied to me in the past and is lazy. After my kid has a snack, she won’t even rinse the dish. If she eats something, same thing. She just tosses everything into the sink. The dishwasher is right there. I’m not asking her to clean my home, just clean up a bit after my kid and HERSELF! How do I deal with this?


You’ve Got to be Kidding Me


Dear You’ve Got to be Kidding Me,

Your babysitter is lazy, a liar and a slob? Well, on the upside there is little chance that anyone is going to try to steal her away from you (and you know how nasty those babysitter wars can get). Of course, on the downside, you actually employ her.

Everyone has different standards for babysitters. For some parents, they just want their kid in one piece when they walk in the door, and they don’t care if the kid is asleep on the stove top as long as it’s turned off.   Other parents expect a tidy playroom, clean dishes and children that have actually had their teeth brushed and hair washed. So figure out what is important to you.

As for me, I drew the line at a sitter who left my kid’s big ole poop in the portable potty. It was disgusting. The whole house smelled nasty when I came home from a lovely girls’ night out.   I firmly told the sitter that poop comes with the job and she just as firmly told me that she’d find another job. I guess we just weren’t meant to be.

It sounds like you have become a personal assistant to your babysitter. It’s great that your child likes her, but your kid will like other sitters, too. Unless you’re paying this sitter in Monopoly money, you are being taken advantage of, so get rid of her fast.

Find some new sitters and express your requirements (like cleaning the dishes or neatening up the toys) from the very beginning so there is no confusion. You can often find a new sitter by posting an ad on a local college site. Make sure to check references so you can weed out the bad candidates. You know, the ones that are lazy, liars and slobs.

And a good rule of thumb…. if your babysitter is treating you like your ex-boyfriend did, then dump the chick and move on.

Good luck to you,

Kelcey, TMH

6 Responses to “My Sitter Sucks But My Kid is Happy”


Comment by Keyona.

I say bring it up to her and if she doesn’t fix it, dump her. There are so many others that would love to be in a relationship with you and your kid. :o)


Comment by Marinka.

Great advice, Kelcey. As the employer, you have to make sure that your requirements are being met. Also, the fact that a child likes someone doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily a good fit. My kids would love a babysitter who let them watch unlimited TV and feed them chocolate.


Comment by Scary Mommy.

Ugh, we had a poop in the potty sitter too. Gag me.

Why is good help so hard to find? Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Got any tips for actually booting the sitter?


Comment by kmdguerra.

I dunno, maybe my standards and expectations are low, but if the sitter is at least putting the dishes in the sink as opposed to leaving them all over the house, my opinion is get over a couple of dirty dishes in the sink. I wonder…is this girl babysitting for my college roommate? As for the poop in the potty, when it’s dumped, clean it up!


Comment by mom, again.

Yeah, I think a few dishes are OK. Back in the day, as a sitter, my employers opinions varied, but mostly they didn’t mind dishes so long as the kids had gone to sleep on time and minded me. But we only had 4 channels back then, so I usually cleaned up too.


Comment by The gold digger.

Wow. I was a fool when I babysat in high school. I washed all the dishes. Tidied up. I wanted so bad to be hired again.

However. I drew the line at the family who hired to me watch their four kids, two in diapers, for an entire day. I arrived. Kids hadn’t been fed breakfast. There was not a clean dish in the house. Not a clean diaper. Cloth diaper days. I had to wash a load of diapers, wash all the dishes. Cook breakfast, make lunch.

All this for ten dollars – the price we had agreed upon in advance. I should have washed just the dishes I needed, just the diapers I needed. And then demanded more money when they returned.

To make things worse, after telling them I couldn’t sit for them again (they were no fools – $10 for a maid and a sitter?), I gave them my friend Jackie’s number. Without warning her.

Thirty years later, she is still mad at me. And justifiably so.

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