18 May
Mouthing Off: Why are Celebrities So Annoying?!

You know what we Mouthy Housewives just love and I mean, love about some celebrities?! That they never miss a chance to tell us how much better they are than us. Take actress Jennifer Connelly for example. Let’s see… she’s rich, famous and oh guess what, her kids don’t fight. AT ALL.

Yes, in a recent interview she said,

“They never fight, they look after each other. They are loving.”

Jennifer – OMG – We should be best friends because my kids never fight either. EVER!! Well, I’m not sure if I mean ever exactly.  Maybe more like – 14 minutes.

But seriously it was an awesomely quiet 14 minutes around here.

And Connelly credits her children’s congeniality to her and her husband Paul Bettany’s ability to spread the love.

Ohh…. maybe that’s why two of my kids are screaming in each other’s faces over a Justin Bieber sticker right now – I just don’t know how to spread the love.  Was that a seminar in college? I must have missed, “How to Spread the Love” when I was doing Sex on the Beach shots off my boyfriend Damian’s chest at the local university dive bar.

Connelly does admit that a huge age gap between her kids might also be part of the reason. Her kids are 14, 8 and 11 months. Okay, my children are close together in age but somehow I bet my kids could even overcome a big age gap to fight with each other. They are overachievers like that.

Anyway, I can’t wait for Connelly’s next interview where she talks about her house always being immaculate even though she’s never hired a housekeeper in her life! Stay tuned.

9 Responses to “Mouthing Off: Why are Celebrities So Annoying?!”


Comment by Happy.Baker.


The age gap might actually have some merit. I have a 19 month toddler and a 7 year old. And they never fight. I mean, a wee toddler who has a 4 word vocabulary can’t exactly bust out ninja battle skills, here, but really, they adore each other. My daughter follows my son loyally around like a puppy, and he is extremely patient and generous with her. They haven’t clashed yet. (But wait, we have a lot more lie to live, and I just seriously jinxed myself)

Anyway, my point is that I can’t claim a magical “spread the love” ability. I yell. And I get pissed right the hell off and let it show.

But the age spread between them means that my son is independent enough to entertain himself, and he appreciates the grinning, clapping, adoring audience he has in his sister. She stays at home while he’s in school, so they’re not on top of each other all day. The age gap really worked in my favor here. For now. Until she starts dating his friends.

Happy.Baker Reply:

LIFE. Life to live. We don’t live a lie.

…not much, anyway.

Plano Mom Reply:

Daughter 20, son is 13. They didn’t really start fighting until my son was old enough to figure out how she was controlling the conversations. Then they fought just long enough for to figure out new ways of communicating. They went through a natural stage of “(s)he did it on purpose FIRST” and then while I wouldn’t say they are loving, we don’t get much drama between the two.


Comment by elissameck.

My kids are 27 months apart…ages 2 and 4…and the times they are not fighting are novel. Just the other day we came back from the swimming pool, I bathed them, we ate dinner together (me and the 2 kids), and then I left them alone playing while I took a shower. I was completely shocked when it was silent during my quick shower. As soon as I had a towel around me I was running out to the living room to make sure they hadn’t actually killed each other. I think I gasped audibly…they were lying on the floor on their bellies with a big book in front of them and “reading” it together. I was thinking I wish I could take a video without interrupting the rare moment!


Comment by Plano Mom.

You know, these stars that are so perfect aren’t any different from the PPB (PTA President Bitch). Just sit back and try to control your smug smile as you wait for the meltdown. The Mouthies can handle this without even putting down the wine glass.


Comment by N and Em's mom.

I’m throwing down the bullsh*t card. My two are 4 years apart, and they still fought over stuff. I think the nanny doesn’t share the bad and the ugly, and they travel in multiple cars.


Comment by Chelle.

I totally have the answer to keep your kids from fighting – EVER. I have three kids – 20, 15, and 13. When they got to the age where they might fight, we gave each of them a television, cable, and a game system. Later they each got their own computers and internet. Now they never have to leave their rooms and they have NO interaction – which means NO FIGHTING.

This is probably not the Dr. Sears recommended method to deal with fighting, but when people come to my house, they say, “Don’t you have three kids?” (The youngest actually doesn’t have cable and is only allowed Mario videos on the Wii, so I do have some limits.)

I promise, this method will work for you if you institute it at the first sign of bickering. And then never take them anywhere, ever, together.


Comment by Deb.

As a mom of triplets age 5, I can assure you the reason her kids do not fight,(if that is even true)is because of the big age gap. I mean come on, seriously? A 14 year old is never going to fight like a child with it’s little sibling. And the 11 month old shouldn’t even be in the equation because it can’t talk yet.


Comment by KatesOwnRants.

Before you let this (or any) wingnut actress ruin your day and raise your blood pressure, just remember this simple fact: she is lying. That’s it. She’s lying to the interviewer, to you, and probably to herself. She may not even realize she is lying. She may just have blurred her professional life together too much with her home life. It could also be intentional, due to the fact that 1. as a celebrity she can’t handle NOT being special and extraordinary in the eyes of normal people, and 2. As an actress she is used to pretending and portraying herself as a fictional character.
Either way, she’s more full of shot than her baby’s Egyptian cotton cloth diaper. Feel free to ignore her.

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