16 Sep
Mouthing Off: Toddler T&A!

Toddlers & Tiaras has really taken the cake recently for the portrayal of toddlers in their beauty pageants. Of course, we should point out that they haven’t yet (YET) had a preschooler pop out of an actual cake. Recently, however, they had a three-year-old dressed up like Julia Roberts’ hooker character from Pretty Woman and a four-year-old entertain as Dolly Parton, complete with cleavage and junk in the trunk. Even TMZ was horrified!

The fact that young girls love the the movie  Pretty Woman is a bit disturbing in and of itself – hello, Julia is a hooker! Now, we aren’t saying prostitutes don’t deserve love, happiness and fabulous jewelry, but should little girls dream of walking the streets in order to snag a Prince Charming? Is this realistic? Or, more to the point, is it appropriate? Apparently pageant mom, Wendy Dickey (no relation to TMH Wendi…that we know of…), thinks that it is. She recently dressed her toddler in a pint-sized version of Julia’s hooker costume from the movie! She went on to support this decision by stating that she also dressed her as the “classy” version of Julia (you know, after Richard Gere has saved her and cleaned her up) later in the show.   Well, that makes everything better. Oh, wait. No. The character is still from a movie about a HOOKER!  (An aside: Julia Roberts was only paid $300,000 for her part in the film. Poor actress. What ever happened to her?)

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Wendy (not Wendi) went on to defend her choice by insisting that her daughter had no idea what the costume signified. Well, all we can say is that it’s a good thing there’s no photographic or video evidence that may pop up later in the child’s life. Whew. That was a close one.

As if purposefully making up your toddler like a prostitute isn’t dig-your-eyeballs-out-with-an-ice-cream-scoop ridiculous enough, another woman, Lindsay Jackson, dressed her daughter up as an anatomically correct Dolly Parton! We’ll just let that set in for a second. Yes, to play the country singing icon the four-year-old was given C-cup padded breasts and an ample derriere (We believe Beyonce would call it Bootylicious? Scratch that, we’re pretty sure Beyonce would say: “Oh hell NO, The House of Dereon does NOT do that!”). Now, we love Dolly as much as the next person but we’re pretty sure that even the Dollywood owner, who once said “I modeled my looks on the town tramp,” would agree that this was not good judgment.

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Sadly, the tale of so-disturbing-we-must-chug-an-entire-box-of-Fraznia-and-do-you-know-how-much-this-wreaks-havoc-on-our-GERD? toddler clothing is not finished. There is a French company, Jours Après Lunes, that has just come out with a line of lingerie for young girls. Not teenagers. Little children! Even their ad campaign has the little girls all vamped up, prancing around in lace “bras” and panties with bed head and jewelry! When did it become acceptable for little girls to be paraded around like sex objects? Even the poses in the ads are extremely suggestive. Frankly, if the police should confiscate our computer here at TMH (We don’t know why they would. We have most certainly NOT been been playing Canasta with Tobey Maguire, Ben Affleck, and Leonardo DiCaprio)  we’d have some serious ‘splainin’ to do once they found these images in our history. Perhaps the French have been watching too much Toddler & Tiaras?

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What do you think? Are we getting our Spanx’ed derrieres in a twist over nothing?

31 Responses to “Mouthing Off: Toddler T&A!”


Comment by Connie.

We just watched the Pretty Woman toddler video at work and I was beyond mortified! I have an almost 3 year old daughter myself and the thought of parading her around in that manner makes me so ill. What thought process, if any, do these parents have to justify putting their children through this? Reminds me of the young girls doing the dance to “Single Ladies” at a competition. And I’m just gonna go ahead and keep my comments to myself about the child lingerie….quite frankly I really have no words for that. It’s not often I’m left speechless, my Husband would be amazed, ha! (To clarify, he would be amazed that I’m speechless, not the lingerie.)


Comment by phd in yogurtry.

I think Toddlers & Tiaras should be dubbed “It’s the Pedophile Hour!”

Whether these girls are at an increased risk of victimization is uncertain. What is certain is the likelihood that pedophiles DVR this show and “refer” to it frequently.

These parents have gone insane.

Carla Reply:

My thoughts exactly.

Moira Reply:

A horrible (but highly likely) scenario. Sick.


Comment by bigcitymess.

Unacceptable! I have a nearly-four-year old and I won’t even let her wear a 2 peice bathing suit because we share a pool in our condo association! People are absolutely crazy and children are taken every day by people who do unspeakable things to them. As parents we should be doing everything we can to protect them from the terrible things in this world that they don’t yet understand (not by scaring them, of course, but using common sense), not inviting predators over for tea parties.


Comment by Ken.

I wonder if the folks that run that pedophiliac beauty pageant read this article, saw the French pedophiliac lingerie company and thought, “I think we got ourselves a new sponsor!” Way to go TMH. 🙂

That’s some really disturbing stuff. Those moms on Toddlers & Tiaras continue to one up eachother on the the seismic scale o’ crazy. I’m really scared of what’s next.


Comment by Tinne from Tantrums and Tomatoes.

That Dolly-video even made Belgian blood boil.
I have one word: obscene.
And no my childeren will not be wearing those mini-brassieres, they will get one when they have boobs thankyouverymuch.


Comment by hokgardner.

Lingere for little girls? Beyond ridiculous. Why can’t little girls just be little girls and wear cute underpants with flowers?

I lost it with T&T the show one mom dressed her young daughter as Madonna, complete with pointy-coned bra. I thought that was a step too far, but these new costumes are really too far.


Comment by Wendi.

As long as there’s the lure of a TV show, these insane women will continue to raise the bar at the expense of their little daughters. But people keep watching. I’m sure the ratings go up each time something like the hooker costume gets publicity.

As far as the lingerie for little girls goes, that’s just sick and wrong.

vodka tonic Reply:

Eh, I have a feeling they were sewing these getups way before the TV crew showed up. They are a strange little cult of child-exploiters.

Is Jon Benet Ramsey’s killer still on the loose?


Comment by kbomb78.

I guess I should be gratefull that if my 4 year olds underpants dont have the likes of Dora, Ni Hao Kai Lan, or sponge bob plastered all over them she probably wouldn’t put them on!


Comment by Brattus Rattus.

Sadly, the hooker costume that little girl in T&T wore is far from the worst I’ve seen. The Dolly costume isn’t even the worst I’ve seen. A show just as bad is Dance Moms. The moms allow “Abbey Lee Miller” dress their kids in inappropriate costumes and allow Ms. Miller to manipulate the kids into thinking terrible things about themselves and their mothers.

I used to want children so badly when i was younger but with the way things are going in this world, I’m really glad I didn’t. It seems I’m the only woman I know that wouldn’t allow back talk or disrespect of any kind. My child would be miserable compared to all the other kids. I watch my 11 year old niece run by brother and her mother and it kills me.

All of the shows exploiting these children should stop. It’s sad they won’t though.


Comment by Muffintopmommy.

The following quote tells you all you need to know: “Even TMZ was horrified!”
I don’t even know what to say…we all make mistakes as we muddle through parenthood, but this stuff is nothing short of child abuse to me, with TLC perpetuating it. I’d love to know who the ad sponsors are, btw. These moms, and TLC, are putting these children at risk, not only to their future emotional well being, but any predators who might be watching. The whole thing makes me sad. Kids grow up way too fast as it is–they shouldn’t be pimped out by their own parents and a tv network for parents. Shameful.


Comment by Tonya.

In my view this akin to child abuse. These mothers aren’t doing this in the best interest of their children! They’re narcissists. Both the show (and its mothers) and the fashion label should be closed down by Child Protective Services. This is my subtle opinion.

Murray's Momma Reply:

I completely agree. I’ve never watched the show, and now (especially now) I never will. Why is this even on the air?


Comment by Murray's Momma.

Disgusting. Just Disgusting. I just vomited a little…what is wrong with these so-called adults? Am I missing something?


Comment by Emily.

I love toddlers and tiaras. I love dressing little girls in fancy, age-appropriate attire and letting them sing and dance.

This all sickens me. This is not age-appropriate at all. This is disgusting and the parents are living out their fantasies through children who don’t know any better.

Lingerie for toddlers has gone too far.


Comment by Kelcey.

I really think this is a form of child abuse. These parents do not have the ability to take care of their children. And I think it’s every mother’s responsibility to NOT watch the show. No ratings means the show gets canceled.

Tonya Reply:

Great idea! No viewers = no ratings = canceled!


Comment by Plano Mom.

Never watched it, never will. That’s how I make my statement.

However, this will eventually escalate until they go so far over the line it is obvious we have lost our collective minds. Then these women will become scapegoats so that we don’t have to feel guilt at enjoying it.


Comment by danielle.

The sickest thing about the lingerie, there MUST be a market for it or they wouldn’t have made it.


Comment by Julie.

Actually the Pretty Woman thing makes perfect sense to me. It’s probably mom’s biggest fantasy and favorite movie, so there is no better get up for her little Dress Me Up Barbie.

This show makes me so sad I’ve only been able to watch partial eps about twice. These women are so sad and unfulfilled. I’m always stunned at the $ that goes out to participate in these things for almost no return. Obviously the head damage is even more costly. Cripes.


Comment by Tai.

WTF?!?!? Have people just gone completely insane? What ever happened to just letting little girls be just that? I am amazed at how exploitive and over sexualized these contests can be, and how awful thes girls behave. Do these parents realize that there will be some serious therapy in their childs future? This amongst other reasons id why I do not let my kids watch tv.


Comment by N and Em's mom.

These girls will either grow up and do the same things to their children or go the Real Housewives route with too much botox and collagen. There is nothing more sad to watch than a woman who has been raised to place too much value on looks struggle as she ages.


Comment by Angie.

Jesus wept. This is the most vile and disgusting example of what media has recently decided is “acceptable” parenting. If either of my children have children of their own and pull this sort of crap I will publicly shame them. Why can’t they just let them stay innocent? Innocence is far too fleeting as it is. Now I’m wearing my stabby-face.


Comment by Sophie@Fabrications.

I’m thinking that it’s high time for court to consider these people’s right to be legal guardians of children.
And the French company? Where is the pedo law suite? Where is it?


Comment by Cass.

OMG, i have 3 girls and would NEVER dress them in any of those things or buy any of the outfits for them, what kind of a loving mother would even think about letting their child do the photo shoots for the lingerie??or put their child in a hokers outfit… i have an 11 yr old and even when she is 15 ill be damned if she she will be allowed to wear any of it!! luckily in Australia we are not as into this whole beauty pageant thing…


Comment by Kholland.

There must be a special place in hell for moms who do this to their children…


Comment by Fairly Odd Mother.

I thought the episode when the toddler came out wearing “cone boobs” like Madonnna was the most offensive thing possible (that baby won too). These mothers are really, really not right in the head. And that French company? That is some crazy stuff—how can they even get away with that photo shoot? Ugh.


Comment by Jean.

And we wonder why the sexual abuse of children is rampant in this culture. We sexualize our children as soon as we possibly can, expose them to age-inappropriate material and can’t seem to write a sitcom script that doesn’t rely on sexual innuendo and outright discussion for laughs.

Pathetic. I have boys and am sorry for them – these girls will have to be sifted out of the pool of lifemate candidates because the baggage they’ll have to carry around will crush a normal relationship.


Comment by scrambler4201.

I stopped shopping at JCP when the little girls undergarment department started resembling Fredrick’s of Hollywood. I am a parent of a 10 year old girl and have complained to the school office when the other ten year old girls wear shorts so short you can see their little rear creases and it understandably is a distraction to the little boys. Wow! Who is buying this crap? I can promise no one will be seeing my little girls heiny under my watch.

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