17 May
Mouthing Off: Sketchers Shape-ups for Girls

It’s time for another edition of “Mouthing Off!” where we get to express our outrage at something going on in the news. Because honestly, it’s just not healthy for a Mouthy Housewife to keep her feelings all bottled up inside. We know you’ll agree.

This week we are talking about Sketchers who make Shape-Ups — sneakers intended to tone your thigh, stomach and buttock muscles. Thankfully, Sketchers came to the conclusion that it’s not just women who want to be buff.   But young girls too! Now Sketchers makes Shape-Ups for girls as young as 7 years-old because we are so sick of their flabby bums.

And the very very very best part — they don’t make them for boys!! Because we all know that boys are allowed to just run around in normal sneakers and have fun. But girls must start toning those abdominal muscles, tightening that ass and firming up those thighs as young as possible.

This product makes me so nauseated that I want to march over to the Sketchers headquarters which I can only assume is located in We Are Morons, USA and tell them that magazines and television are doing enough to rip apart the self esteem of young girls, that we don’t need any additional help from a dumb sneaker company.

The company contends that Shape-Ups are only intended to promote exercise and fitness. So I guess, since they only target girls, they are hoping our young boys turn into a bunch of chip eating, beer guzzling couch potatoes.

19 Responses to “Mouthing Off: Sketchers Shape-ups for Girls”


Comment by Sally.

And here’s the real irony: studies have shown that these sneakers do nothing to improve muscle tone. It’s just another manufacturer wanting us to dress our little girls like adults.


Comment by From Belgium.

I’ll join your protest, but only if we can stop over at the morons who market the todler push-up bikini’s.

Mandt Reply:

Please tell me you made that up.

mirandalf Reply:

Unfortunately they are not making that up.



Comment by Erin@MommyontheSpot.

I will join you in this protest. It makes me sick that little girls are getting this message that they need to be perfect so early on in life. Actualy it makes me outraged!!!


Comment by Ida.

I completely agree! Such a terrible idea and a trend which must be stopped.


Comment by Wendi.

Plus I’ve got to think that they’re not orthopedically very good for developing feet. Dumbasses.


Comment by Plano Mom.

Okay, so I know that Sketchers is way over the line, but where is the line? I’ve got a 12 year old boy who wants to spend his birthday money on getting his hair chemically straightened, because he hates his extreme curls. Where’s the line on changing one’s image?


Comment by JessicaC.

Not to mention that those shoes look like cement blocks on your feet. No thanks!


Comment by deniseinportland.

Do you think the mother who gave her eight year old beauty pageant daughter Botox treatements has a closet full of these shoes?


Comment by New To Mom.

It’s one thing to promote physical fitness or whatever. But it should be promoted in the forms of running outside, dancing, riding bikes or whatever young kids do. Not by some shoe that are made for adults and that are promoted by K-Dash.


Comment by Minivan Mama.

How promoting getting outside in your sketchers and playing!

But apparently there are mom’s out there that will buy their little girls such shoes. Shame on them.


Comment by Mama Kat.



Comment by Mandy.

You’re never too young to be toned and sexy!


Comment by Bridget.

Unbelievable. It makes my stomach turn.


Comment by SyD.

Sketchers Shape Up Shoes made such a huge difference in my life. I don’t know how I lived before these shoes. I have FMS & RA, bad joint problems. Before I met these shoes I could maybe walk about 15-20 min with minimal pain. Now I am doing 4miles and 5k walks. And they DID make me lose inches the first month I wore them just around the house without any exercise. I, too, thought they were a gimmick. But I tried because the sole was real thick and looked like they would be real cushiony. I was amazed that they worked. Plus they force me to stand up straight thus creating a flatter stomach. I am not a big exercise person either but I feel like I have become the poster adult for these shoes. And Sketchers does not pay me to write/say any of this. Although I wish they would give me free pair of shoes! Only complaint I have is they cost too much. I have told them this.
We can’t all like everything- that is why we have menus I guess.
Sy DelGrado


Comment by Albug.

I will join your protest. My two granddaughters both under 9 have told me they think they are fat! They are no where near fat. They are both in gymnastics, and I think they hear the older girls say it and think they should be that way too. I don’t know when we jumped the rail on this, but as parents and grandparents we need to stop it now.


Comment by Heather.

I’m going to protest by letting my thigh, stomach, and buttock muscles go flabby.


Comment by marathonmom.

I got sucked in and got some. Yeah, they are no good. But, I am a bad@ss runner too though. But yeah, they just make you walk like a drunk at first. They can be really comfortable if you spend a day in heels, at least for my bad feet. Bottom line: No one wants to see before and after pics of my GM’s cuz of these.

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