16 Oct
La Chaim

10 Responses to “La Chaim”


Comment by TheGirlPie.

Oh man, this is priceless! LOVE discovering your site (which I SO had in mind and you guys did it delightfully) via @bernthis — can’t wait to come back and look around more closely — a crack up!



Comment by p-huong.

you drink vodka in a wine glass. i drank wine in a cup. I think I’m going to watch this again just to hear you sing the clean up song.


Comment by Marinka.

I can’t wait to fold laundry tonight! Although I could stand to fold a few socks right. now.


Comment by Tmom.

Your killing me! clean up clean up hahahahaha


Comment by anna see.

…off to do the laundry!


Comment by assomeoneelse.

So let’s see, fold the laundry or check the glue? perhaps a combination of both and we’ll call it an evening!


On a secondary note, just pour yourself a gallon of wine and close the doors.


Comment by the mama bird diaries.

I’ve got a few leads on your curlers. I’ll keep you posted.


Comment by Ann.

My Barbie Head called from 1985. She wants ALL the curlers back, bitch.

Funny stuff.


Comment by AmyMusings.

Yay! I have some laundry to catch up on!!


Comment by Lizzie.

OMG, you are cracking me up!!!!

gotta go, time to clean the house, YEAH 🙂

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