06 Nov
It’s Tough To Be a Soccer Mom With a Coach Like That



Hey, before you go, check out Amy’s terrific post that will really simplify your holiday shopping, while making you laugh. Thanks, Amy!

16 Responses to “It’s Tough To Be a Soccer Mom With a Coach Like That”


Comment by Sorry For The Convenience.

I don’t know about the soccer nonsense, but I hope Husbandrinka appreciates how spotless and dust-free that Sapphire bottle is. Seriously. You could drink out of that thing.


Comment by Kathy.

great advice! Hot or not that’s all that matters!


Comment by christine.

The coach being hot or not is a huge factor! Way to break it down to the essentials.


Comment by OHmommy.

You are full of advice. Today I will *cough* self medicate in hopes the husband thinks I’m sick. There’s too much Fall yard work to do. *cough*

Marinka,TMH Reply:

You know, I’m practically a doctor and I really prescribe putting your feet up and having some bon bons. You don’t want to take any chances. Achoo.


Comment by Wendi.

I’m happy to see you put on your special occasion head towel and robe for the video. Keep it classy, Housewife.


Comment by Vicki.

Fabulous! Although I have to admit I wasn’t so much focusing on the advice (since I plan on bypassing soccer with future kids and sending them right into UFC,) but more on where I could get a towel as 800-threadcount-looking as that one.


Comment by amy2boys.

You and I have the same beloved object!! It’s like a miracle! Mine never gets dusty though.

Thanks for the link to my post! Finally being mouthy pays off.

Marinka,TMH Reply:

Well, to be fair, I was dusting for fingerprints.


Comment by TRACI.

Why wasn’t this post titled The Big Reveal?!? It’s MARINKA, Folks! ON YOUR COMPUTER!!


Comment by Heather.

Now that you’re finished with the vlog, my liquor cabinet needs dusting. Can I expect you around 7?


Comment by rachel-asouthernfairytale.

Seeing your face just made my day.
Just fabulous.


Comment by Heather.

I have something for you on my blog~http://wwwtheadventuresofcrazymumcom.blogspot.com/


Comment by GrandeMocha.

Awesome! Where can I get a hot coach? I don’t care what sport. I could convert.


Comment by phd in yogurtry.

Drop the soccer and head him over to your nearest pool hall for billiard lessons. He learns a valuable life skill and you get to kick back and tip a few while you supervise.

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