08 Jul
It’s a Mexican-Ninja-Zombie Party!

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

My no-longer-so-much-of-a little girl is turning 9 next month, and has insisted that her theme be Mexican Ninja Zombies. Seriously. I’m freaking lost.

I mean, I could get doing Mexican food, but how do I decorate and plan games for a party centered around Mexican Ninja Zombies? In the July heat? For nearly 50 kids? If none of you can help me, I’m going to have to resort to icing down a cooler full of   Cuervo for me and letting them all run wild with a bucket of shurikens. (Ed. note: shurikens are throwing stars.)

I have three weeks until the party. For the love of all that’s holy, advice, please! Thank you, and I love you all (and if it comes down to it, I’ll split the Cuervo with you.)




Querida Ayuda,

Well, that is certainly something that we call a problema.   And not just because you are planning a birthday party for nearly 50 people. I hope this question isn’t too personal, but have you lost your mind?!

50 people is a wedding, not a 9 year old’s birthday party.   So the first step of our Mexican Ninja Zombie fun will be eliminating, Ninja-style, some of the guests.   (I am assuming that Ninja-style means miraculously rescheduling the party for a day where most of the 50 guests will be otherwise engaged.)

If for some reason that is not an option for you, how about some of these fun ideas?

1) Ask guests to come dressed as their favorite Ninja and/or Zombie.   No one will know what the hell that is supposed to mean, but we will file that one under Not Our Problem.

2) Use the colors of the Mexican flag for the color scheme:   Green, white and red.   Also many online stores have fiesta-themed decorations.

3) For activities, try the limbo game and pin the eyebrows on famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.   Instant fun!

4)   Mexican food is a great idea! But not too much of it, because Zombies eat mostly brains.   Brains, in kid terms, is jello with fruit slices.

5) If you want the party to tilt more zombie, have the kids paint each other’s nails black.

6) To honor the Ninjas (who I understand were trained in unorthodox acts of war, such as espionage, sabotage, three-legged races and assassination) I recommend one that is most fitting for your daughter and organize an activity around it.   (Disclaimer: The Mouthy Housewives strongly recommend the three-legged race option.)

Talk to your daughter about what exactly her vision is for her birthday party.   Does she want lots of running around/escaping from the zombies?   Does she see it more along the lines of Mexican beach party?   It’s possible that she is thinking one thing and expressing something else entirely.

And dear readers, if you have any ideas about the Mexican-Ninja-Zombie party (other than run for the border, lady!) please leave them in the comments.   It’s the right thing to do.

Good luck,

Marinka, TMH

14 Responses to “It’s a Mexican-Ninja-Zombie Party!”


Comment by Desperate Dietwives.

You might want to divide your little already dressed (that was really smart!) guests into teams. You might divide them according to this scheme: http://www.geekologie.com/2010/06/28/rpnmz.jpg

You might like better these images: http://creebobby.com/timestable.html

Once you’ve done that, and understood what exactly your daughter means by “mexican ninja party”, you can organize whatever games you want, under the new names.

The same goes for refreshments: canapés imitating the aspect of ninjas, robots, zombies and whatever. Liquorice becomes a zombie treat, and so on.

Desperate Dietwives Reply:

I was forgetting: involve your dauthter in throwing ideas for the food and in preparing it, it will be more fun for her!


Comment by Betty Herbert.

Your kid is cool. I want one like that. Alternatively, I want to come to the party.


Comment by cate8.

As my kids get older I offer the cash/bail-out option. Instead of a party I will give them $. (and a cake and ice cream at home with only immediate family)
saves time and aggravation…..so far only the 17 yr old has taken me up on it but I am working on those girls!


Comment by Ann.

I thought this was a surprise BlogHer party announcement. Am now heartbroken. Thanks so much Mouthy Housewives.


Comment by Crisanna.

You definitely need a pinata, preferably a zombie pinata. The ninjas can use their mad skills to bring it to justice.


Comment by No Ordinary Momma.

Que?!? Tell this little amiga that she’s trying to make tres fiestas into uno fiesta. She can either have a Taco Bell party, a Karate Kid party, or a Michael Jackson Thriller party.


Comment by seana.

The original advice is right on. Check in the chiquita and find out what she thinks. Also, Halloween recipes abound for “brains” made with Jello and gummy worms. Three-legged race for the ninjas in the group is a great idea. I would suggest googling halloween recipes for parties for additional food ideas that aren’t hard to make and will go a long way to fitting the theme.


Comment by w_a_r_p_e_r.

This was my question, and thanks for the advice so far! The reason there’s so many people invited is that 9 is her my-childhood-is-half-over party (and I wanted to throw a big party to celebrate – that was before I was told the theme . . .) So far, she is very excited about brain jello (also, water balloons filled with jello); three-legged-races, a zombie pinata, and teaching everyone the ‘Thriller’ dance. I’m much less afraid that I’m going to be spending the day sobbing into my Cuervo and dodging shurikens. Thanks, everyone! I can’t wait to see more advice! : )


Comment by w_a_r_p_e_r.

Oh, and I’ll be sure to post photos on my blog as soon as the party’s over. : )


Comment by Erin I'm Gonna Kill Him.

Because zombies eat mostly brains. Ha.

I say dress everyone as a Zombie, pack em full of coke, and send them to Tijuana.

Try to make a custom pinata – a zombie with a sword or something?


Comment by Momof4Luds.

I thought the most important part of the answer was the ask her what she’s thinking part. I have a friend who was thrilled when her 4-year-old son insisted he wanted to take up cello. She was sure she had a young Mozart on her hands, until she found out he thought “cello” was a form of martial arts. The party as planned by all the contributors above sounds FUN! And I love the childhood-is-half-over part!


Comment by MommyTime.

I wouldn’t fill the water balloons with jello because that stuff stains like anything. Of course, perhaps zombie clothes don’t matter. And, obviously, I have totally outed myself as a mother who still fights the dirty laundry of preschoolers. But I would think of some Halloween grossness, like a blindfold test where they have to stick their hands into gross things and guess what they are (cold oatmeal=brains, frozen grapes=eyeballs, etc.) might also be a good activity. Have fun!


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