27 May
Hi, Aren’t You My Nemesis?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

My 3 year old has a best friend at school and was SO excited when her friend’s parents invited the whole class over for a BBQ – we arrived and I soon found out that her best friend’s mother was my biggest enemy in high school. You know, the petty gal that never got over the fact that I took her spot on the cheer squad, the gal that hated that guys liked me better than her, the girls that spread nasty rumors just because… I know, let bygones be bygones, grow up – etc. BUT come on…can’t I encourage my 3 year to pick a new friend?

Love, Bygones


Dear Bygones,

I assume that this downturn in the economy that the rest of us are enjoying is not affecting you and this is why you are happy to let this perfectly good opportunity of free entertainment slide.   Because certainly you realize that your nemesis’ secrets will be yours for the price of a store bought cookie.   Of course your daughter is likely to spill the dirt on you, as well, so I recommend keeping her fully stuffed on sweets.   What I am trying to say, is that  you reconsider the bygones and remember that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And just for my own curiosity–am I correct that while this woman was spreading rumors about you, you were working with lepers and orphans, and on occasion with orphaned lepers? Because I know that’s what I spent my high school years doing.

I asked my mother for her input on this issue and she recommended fine tuning your daughter’s friendship, because, according to her, “it’s easier for kids to make new friends than for adults to forget old enemies.”   And while she certainly has   an embroidable-on-a- throw pillow point, it may not be the message that you want to impart to your young, impressionable daughter.   Because although you can encourage your three year old to pick a new friend,   and I’m hard pressed to think of any  relationship that couldn’t be  enhanced by a mother’s loving meddling, I beg you think this through.    What if her new best friend has a totally dull mother, the kind that doesn’t serve cocktails on playdates or worse, refuses to gossip?   Shudder.


Marinka, TMH

7 Responses to “Hi, Aren’t You My Nemesis?”


Comment by The Devil's Daughter-In-Law.

Oh man. If I didn’t know better, I’d think my mother-in-law was “Bygones”. She’s constantly going on and on about how she was a cheerleader in high school and how popular she was…


Comment by wa.

You’re completely right. There’s no more entertainment bang for the buck than a shrewish nemesis. Mine is called Angela.


Comment by Ashlie- Mommycosm.

Honestly, I am now friends with my high school nemesis because our kids went to school together. AND I was able to give it a chance. I’m really glad that I did. As adults, we are far more secure and confident – and realize that our quasi evil powers are much better used with each other rather than against.

Give it a try.


Comment by Andrea's Sweet Life.

I’d say give her a chance. People change a lot over the years. Unless, of course, you both had your kids in high school and it’s only been a year.


Comment by Coco.

That was high school. People CAN leave that behind and grow up. Give it a chance. She may feel absolutely awful about what she did to you. Obviously she was insecure to do those things to start with.

You never really know what a persons life is like. There may be many things about her that you didn’t know that caused her to be mean, nasty, insecure and vindictive. What a saint. But seriously….give it a chance. If she is still the same just avoid her like the plague.


Comment by LISA5OF5.

Hey, Bygones, you remind me of someone. Can’t think of who….Oh, yeah, I know! Bikini girl from this season’s American Idol! They hated her just because she was more beautiful than all the other girls, too. Poor thing.

Maybe you two should have a cheer-off and the most popular mom wins! Yay! Who says you have to act like an adult just because you have kids!


Comment by amysprite @Bitchin' Wives Club.

Man, I’d have a hard time with this situation. I do think that people grow up, but a high-school arch nemesis is an awful lot to get over!!! But, I am the bitch that blocked my h.s. arch enemy after I accidentally accepted her facebook friend request. So, obviously, I am pretty small-minded. 🙂 And OKAY with that.

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