22 Jan
Hey Little Boys, Stop Playing House!

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

I’m not a mom but I do babysit and take care of two little boys –  one that is 3 and one that is 5. They play house and their father is worried about it. I’ve seen them play and it is a bit unusual. Is it okay to let them play or is this a sign of homosexual behavior?


Just Want Boys to be Boys


Dear Just Want Boys to be Boys,

You know what is unusual about two little boys playing house? Oh, I know. Absolutely nothing. Because some boys like to play with trucks. Some boys like bouncing balls. And some boys like to play house. And some boys like all of it.

My 2 1/2 year-old son spends countless hours preparing food in his play kitchen. And guess what, the kitchen is PINK. Did I make you faint? Am I worried about his behavior? No. I can only hope and pray that he grows up to be the next Mario Batali and I get a reservation every night at one of his four star restaurants.

In our society, a great husband is an equal partner when it comes to taking care of the home.  For little boys to start exhibiting these skills early on is nothing but good news. Hey, give them a Dustbuster and get the house cleaned too!

By the way, you know what is a sign of homosexual behavior? When a little boy grows up to be a teenager and says to him mom and dad, “I’m gay.” Yup. That’s when you know. And then you hope he finds another great guy and they live happily ever after.

You and the children’s father should worry much less about these boys playing normal child games and focus on teaching them things like kindness, compassion and tolerance. Oh and how to make a delicious pappardelle with white truffles and parmigiano.


Kelcey TMH

9 Responses to “Hey Little Boys, Stop Playing House!”


Comment by Desperate Dietwife.

My 8-year-old niece just loves playing boy games like sword combats, and is greatly appreciated by her male friends at school for this. Yet, she is very feminine and you know what? We have never worried one second about it.
Playing house just means that the boys are comfortable in their family life and are trying to reproduce it. Nothing more, nothing less. What is really dangerous for them, is for some adult to intervene and prevent them doing it for a distorted homosexual notion. This will be confusing for the kids and might even backfire.


Comment by AnnieD.

Both of my boys play house, and in different ways. They also both golf and play army and shoot bows and arrows. 2 days ago my 7 year old asked me to play “mom and dad”. I told him I had to finish the dishes and he said, “that’s fine, you keep doing that and I’ll go bird hunting”. They are mimicking what they see and it’s nothing to worry about. That same child if mine also keeps his room clean and begs to unload the dishwasher and clean the windows. Raising boys that can take care of themselves and their families is never a bad thing.


Comment by Marinka.

Love this advice, Kelcey! When my kids were younger, it always seemed strange that it was ok for girls to push toy baby carriages, but for some reason it wasn’t frowned upon for boys, and they had those things to push that had balls popping within them (probably as a nod to their masculinity.) My mother pointed out that it made no sense– because fathers certainly push strollers. And she was right. As always.


Comment by Avprobeauty.

Sounds like they need a new babysitter and the Dad needs to chillax.

Lib Reply:

What she said!

Seriously! How are they even wondering if this is “homosexual behavior”? Yes, it doesn’t conform to socially constructed gender roles, but it’s hardly GAY. Sometimes I can’t stand people.


Comment by Debbie - Wrinkled Mommy.

Great advice. MANY parents have more than one child and a mix of boys and girls. Like me. My boys sometimes play with the girl’s dolls, and my girls sometimes play with the boys monster trucks. When we get to the point of forbidding certain toys because of the sex of our children, then we are a sad, sad, universe.


Comment by Cait.

I’m a nanny to 3 little girls. They take turns playing the role of “dada” when they play house. They love trucks and matchbox cars, they climb, they play with rocks and sticks and dirt.

Why is it that no one would ever question their sexuality, but so many make a huge deal out of boys crossing traditional gender play roles?


Comment by Kenna.

The boys are 3 and 5. They don’t know what “homosexuality” is.

I’ve been a nanny/sitter for well over a year, and am working on my AA in Early Childhood Education. We read an article in class one day about this couple who had a baby, and didn’t tell the child it’s gender, gave it gender-neutral clothing and here’s the kicker – let the child play however it wanted to. Guess what? That child was the happiest and lived and had a good childhood.

Never found out the gender of the child nor the child’s sexual preference (I think it’s a bit too early to have one at the age this child was at) and it didn’t matter, because being a child and having a good childhood is more important than worrying about someone’s sexual preference. Because in the end, they are going to want what they want, and you can go to hell if you’d want to change that about a person. My opinion.

FC Reply:

Great example. Ditto “having a good childhood is more important than worrying about someone’s sexual preference”.

My son plays with my make up and he’s less than three. Do I give a flying ****? No. He is his own beautiful person and when I see his beautiful face smile I am at my happiest, especially if it’s after a good blush application.

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