08 Nov
Help! I Don’t Hate My Daughter’s Boyfriend!

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

My 14-year-old daughter has her first boyfriend and it turns out, he’s adorable. She has been friends with him for a year or so, but “dating” for a few months. He is a good influence on her and she is better behaved around him. He’s polite and I really like him for her. (I was so afraid she’d be attracted to a macho jerk.)

Do I encourage her to see him or ignore him because if she finds out I like him, she’ll dump him for a carnie when the fair comes to town? I’m ready to plan a family ski trip and include him in it!


Ms. Matchmaker


Dear Ms. Matchmaker,

Congratulations on liking your future son-in-law and on your excellent instincts!  Because you are so right—nothing threatens a budding romance like a parent’s approval.

If you can possibly stand it, avoid all discussion about the boyfriend.  If she brings him up, be noncommittal.

Let’s practice!

Daughter:  Mom, isn’t Ben dreamy?

You:  Dreamy? What are you, Marcia Brady?

Daughter: Who’s Marcia Brady? Anyway, isn’t he great?

You: Who? Ben?  I don’t know.

Daughter:  What do you mean, you don’t know?! What’s wrong with him?

You: No, nothing.  He’s fine for a first crush.  I guess.


You:  If you say so.

This will drive her into his arms and to Utah, where 14 is the legal age for matrimony.  The bonus is that there is fantastic skiing in Utah, so you’ll be able to hit the slopes with the newlyweds.  Win-win!

Mazel Tov,

Marinka, TMH

10 Responses to “Help! I Don’t Hate My Daughter’s Boyfriend!”


Comment by Cheryl.

Ah, Marinka, you are so wise. And funny. Did I mention that before?


Comment by Jennifer.

I’m letting you take over the parenting of my children when they hit the teen years. And by *letting* I mean *begging you.*


Comment by Andrea.

Oh, thank goodness I have YEARS before dealing with this. I can’t even begin to imagine it. Yikes!


Comment by Tiffany @ MomNom.

I couldnt get past 14 and boyfriend. Is that really when they start dating. ::shudder::

I’m scared senseless now. Gee. Thanks.


Comment by annie.

Awww Crap! My oldest just turned 14. I don’t want to deal with this yet. Is it too soon to buy her a chastity belt?


Comment by I'm a big ol' b with a captial B!.

The post was funny. The comments are just as funny. Thanks Ladies! Needed this today! 🙂


Comment by Plano Mom.

By all means don’t go on and on about him. Whether you love him or not, you don’t want to hear “You liked him better than me!” when they break up.

I speak from experience. The kicker? At that particular time and age, I DID like him better.


Comment by dusty earth mother.

Best pretend teenager-mom conversation ever.


Comment by Jennifer June.

She’s right.
I’m madly in love with my 16 year old daughter’s boyfriend and as soon as she was on to me, she was out of that relationship like a bat out of hell.
The good news? After a month or two of acting aloof and disinterested (me, not him) she was back in his arms again.
This time, I pretended not to notice let alone care.

Make no mistake though, if they break up again, we’re keeping him and kicking her out.


Comment by JubanMama.

*cuing up Simon & Garfunkel*

And here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson…

Kidding. I kid because I love.

My dad used to become BFF’s with all my boyfriends, and it was an embarrassing pain in my ass. Thankfully, I didn’t have many boyfriends, so…

Since I have neither a daughter nor a teenager, I have no real advice to give here. Just wanted to quote the song.

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