08 Dec
We Wish You A Merry…Hamster?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

My friend emailed me yesterday asking for Christmas gift suggestions for my son and telling me that she was able to score the hot new toy Zhu Zhu pets for my daughter. Who is 13. Do I tell my friend that my daughter has no interest in them or do I start working on my daughter’s fake happiness expression?


No Thank Zhu


Dear No Thank Zhu,

I believe the Zhu Zhu toy you’re talking about is the fuzzy electronic hamster that costs $8.00, right? The one that’s being called the hottest toy of the year? Also known around my house as the toy my 6-year-old son keeps begging me to give him “if I really love him as much as I say I do.” Of course we all know that won’t be happening because the last time I tried to buy the season’s hottest toy, I almost got into a shoving match with a bargain hunting redneck at Target who later threatened to wait for me in the parking lot and give me an atomic wedgie with his rusty toolbox. Yes, unfortunately, there will be absolutely be no Zhu Zhus around this joint this holiday season.

(That is, unless you’re willing to part with your little furry guy. If so, I’m willing to go up to $50.00, no questions asked. Just promise me you won’t ask Kelcey or Marinka for a counteroffer, that you’ll ship it here before the 24th, and that you’ll throw in a bonus bottle of vodka. CALL ME.)

Now, what your friend did in getting this toy for your daughter was super sweet and considerate, and we should all hope to know someone like that. However, I would strongly recommend that you just be honest with her and let her know that, while you appreciate it, your daughter is just too old to enjoy a hamster robot. Then maybe suggest she give the Zhu Zhu to a younger kid who will really love it.   (And if she doesn’t know anyone, the local children’s hospital is always in need of donations.) (And so am I.)

Hope that helps, and I hope you have a merry and hamster-free holiday.


Wendi, TMH

7 Responses to “We Wish You A Merry…Hamster?”


Comment by Kat.

I say thank her for it and then resell it on eBay…those suckers are going for like $30 now. 😉


Comment by Marinka.

Seriously, what’s going on that every year the most sought out toy is more and more inane? Is this all Obama’s fault?


Comment by melodyj.

My sister always gave my kids toys that were so inappropriate for their age. It actually was more of a joke around our house to unwrap her gifts every year – the kids got good at showing appreciation for the gift – it’s good practice cause it won’t be the only time in their life they get a not so great gift.

amy Reply:

True, never too young to learn the niceties of gift getting.. 😉

How close are you to this woman? You might be doing her a favor by bringing it up discreetly. All depends on how close you two are though, don’t want to shoot a gift horse and all that..


Comment by GrandeMocha.

My 7 yr old bought himself a Zhu Zhu pet & two pods for it in September. Played with it for a couple days. Now it just sits. I wish I had kept the box. He could be making himself some college tution.


Comment by jessica.

My kid asked for that annoying hamster thingy. I said no, my ex, naturally, said yes. I tell her to keep it at her dad’s house b/c he’s happier there.


Comment by Aludra.

I think that your 13 year old not only knows the “fake happy expression” But has it so down-pat that you don’t know she knows it. Just remind your friend that gift receipts are always a wise idea when gifting to a teenager.

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