23 Oct
Oh Baby Baby

11 Responses to “Oh Baby Baby”


Comment by the mama bird diaries.

Jessica – I am loving this new look of yours. Stickers really flatter you.


Comment by Ann.

Or just poke a hole in the condom.


Marinka Reply:

Just not while he’s wearing it! #AnotherHelpfulHint


Comment by rachael.

ROFL you are too funny. I love your new look too. Such a trendsetter!
I once wore a pink moustache around the airport just so I could get the window seat!


Comment by Cat.

That is some stellar advice, let me just say! And also, more importantly, DAMN are your shoulders toned!


Comment by Fragrant Liar.

You are so wise, Jessica. I think you left out the part where you tell the husband that everytime she says “I need one more,” he should give her one more. Drink. Wanting more children is a sign of mental instability. I should know.


Comment by Jen.

You crack me up as usual. Love the tiara and curlers.


Comment by Stacy (the Random Cool Chick).

Seriously funny! Oh, wait, I mean AWESOME advice!! 🙂

You should go with that look more often…HAWT! 🙂


Comment by amy.

The one on the chin is covering something up. It’s a pop gone bad, isn’t it. You couldn’t just leave it alone. You had to pop it before it was ready…I’m onto you…


Comment by charchan9.

Jessica, you look maaavalous, Darlink.
And you are so damn funny, I almost peed my pants.


Comment by Jennifer H.

Or just leave him. But I might not be the best person to give advice here. 🙂

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