06 Dec
What’s with All the Holiday Decorating Pressure?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

We live in a neighborhood where everyone decorates the outside of their house for Christmas. We never do because we go out of town and aren’t that into spending money on something that doesn’t matter to us. However, recently a couple of neighbors have passive-aggressively made comments about how bad it looks to have our house dark on a festive street. Should I cave in and hang up some lights (which I can’t afford to give either time or money to) or just ignore them? I don’t want to cause trouble.


Am I Gretchen the Grinch?


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4 Responses to “What’s with All the Holiday Decorating Pressure?”


Comment by Brandi.

I would hang a grinch-green wreath on my door and put a crooked sign in my yard that says “the Grinch”. Then enjoy your holiday the way YOU want. You will have participated with your neighborhood and not spent time/money that you did not want to spend.


Comment by calinat.

I say screw ’em! If they want your yard decorated so badly, they can do it themselves. Listen, most of the people on my street who hang lights shouldn’t be climbing a ladder in the first place. They’re old, retired, and having nothing else to do besides work in their yards and rub Bengay all over each other. I like Christmas, but I barely have time to put my panties on the right way each morning, never mind struggle with lights, baby Jesus, and his plastic homies.

~Fellow Scrooge-ette


Comment by deathstar.

Smile and say you’d love to but you every year you make a sizeable donation to a family so their kids can have treats and gifts. Then invite them to do the same.


Comment by Lisa Grieco.

Dont cave in!

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