27 Jan
Single Again on Valentine’s Day

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

Valentine’s Day is coming up and naturally, I’m still single. I was asked to a Valentine’s dinner with all other single women and it’s a good friend of mine so I feel obligated to go.   But honestly, I find it very depressing to sit around with a bunch of single women on Valentine’s day. How do I get out of this without hurting her feelings?


Is it February 14th again?


Dear February 14th,

I’m all for a single girls’ night out. On any night BESIDES Valentine’s Day. First of all, there is no safe haven on Valentine’s Day. Every restaurant, every movie theater, even every 7-11 is packed with doey-eyed couples. And you should not have to stare at some boyfriend/girlfriend sharing a cherry slurpee while groping each other.

Because before you know it, you’ll be drunk on Valentine’s Day candy, tracking down that guy on Facebook you blew off years ago because he just smelled weird, just so you can go on a date. It won’t be pretty.

So don’t go out.

Even if your friend is having everyone over to her house, it’s still not a good idea. Because you just know you’ll have to make a quick stop for gas and of course you’ll run into your ex. Who’s driving a Lexus. With his girlfriend in the passenger seat. Who happens to be a swimsuit model.

A single girl can not undergo that kind of stress.

So just explain to your friend that you’d love do a dinner thing very soon (and put a date on the calendar) but you’d rather pretend Valentine’s Day is not happening at all. Then stay at home, order in some sushi and watch “The Hangover.” Go to bed early and it will all be over.

And one of these days, you will be running around town and you’ll need to stop for gas. And suddenly you’ll meet a really cute single guy who’s filling up his BMW. Turns out, he’s just the kind of guy that you can imagine sharing a slurpee.

And all of a sudden you’ll be the girl getting roses on Valentine’s Day. Except by that point, you won’t care anymore because you’ve got a great new boyfriend and Valentine’s Day is just a stupid, commercial holiday.

Until then,

Wishing you a happy February 15th!

Kelcey, TMH

9 Responses to “Single Again on Valentine’s Day”


Comment by Sophie.

That was beautiful.


Comment by Cj.

Well Put. However, I’m married and I don’t even like Valentines Day. Am I the only one? I don’t think there should be one special day set aside that requires my husband to buy me things, take me out, dote on me. The man is to be treating me like the Goddess I think I am daily!


Comment by K-Line.

Nice response!


Comment by Marinka, TMH.

Perfect advice. I think that the flower and card industries are the only ones who love Valentine’s Day.


Comment by hokgardner.

My husband and I have a long history of disasterous valentine day celebrations. So three years ago we swore off the holiday entirely – no cards, no flowers, no champage, no guilt or fights. We’ve never been happier.



Try being one of two boomer sisters alone again together on Valentine’s Day…and after you see our video homage to such a depressing possibility, you’ll understand why we are dateless!!


KK and Sal


Comment by Andrea P..

Oh God, is it that time of year again already? That reminds me…I need the new chinese take-out menu.


Comment by minipeds.

Valentine’s day is my birthday. Planned c-section. Thanks, mom! It means my poor boyfriend gets wallet-raped every year and I feel guilty that he gets guilted by Hallmark into buying flowers and crap I don’t need. Grade school was tough because everyone got a fun candy-exchange holiday and I got ignored. I’m with Andrea, I’d prefer chinese take-out.


Comment by mom, again.

My husband’s birthday is in early Feb, mine is in late Feb and valentine’s is somewhere in between. On any given year, we might make a fuss over one of the three. Usually NOT valentine’s because it’s so much less crowded any other night of the month.

A girl’s night out, or in, on V-day sounds like either mild fun, or a huge disaster. At least one of the guests is going to get too drunk and too weepy, or angry. Much better to stay in. Lie and say you got a date.

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