13 Jul
Mouthing Off: A 700 Pound Woman Tries to Eat Her Way Into the Guinness Book of World Records

It’s time for another edition of “Mouthing Off” here on The Mouthy Housewives – otherwise known as, “We can’t possibly keep our mouths shut one more minute about this unbelievable story.” We Mouthy Housewives are many things… angel like, graceful and blemish free. But we are not a quiet bunch and when we think something is terribly amiss, we must speak out and educate our faithful readers.

Today we are talking about Donna Simpson, a 700 pound woman who is not trying to lose weight but is actually trying to gain more. In fact, 300 pounds more so she can be crowned Most Obese Woman by Guinness World Records!

Look we all want to be the best at something. I get that. I had my eye on the 1976 pogo championships. But due to my mother’s insistence that a pogo stick from the discount store Caldor was just as good as the more expensive models, I never really stood a chance. And, of course, I also developed severe side cramps after 30 seconds of jumping so that was a bit of a stumbling block as well.

My point is – it feels great to be number one but putting one’s health in jeopardy is not the way to do it.   This woman reportedly suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease and it’s very difficult for her to go anywhere. And to repeat – SHE’S TRYING TO GAIN 300 MORE POUNDS.

I could live with all of this because this is America and people are allowed to do pretty much what they want to themselves until they get a reality show but this woman has a 4-year-old daughter.   And this daughter apparently shops with her, helps her prepare food, and feeds her so that she can get her 15,000 calories a day.

This is where I get really cranky.   What kind of example is she setting for her daughter? Wouldn’t she rather be running around, swimming and playing with her daughter, instead of using her as a personal assistant? And MOST IMPORTANTLY, doesn’t she want to be around for her daughter (see earlier part about heart disease)?

We all come in different shapes and sizes. I believe people should love themselves and their bodies. There is too much self-hatred that goes on (especially for women). But trying to become the Most Obese Woman in the world is not about self love.   Donna Simpson deserves more for herself. And her daugher.

21 Responses to “Mouthing Off: A 700 Pound Woman Tries to Eat Her Way Into the Guinness Book of World Records”


Comment by Cheryl D..

That is horrifying and disgusting!

However, at her weight, I’m not sure adding on 300 pounds is going to make that much difference health-wish. Her health is already shot. She might as well have something to show for her obesity such as a blurb and a photo in a book.

Her daughter, on the other hand, needs to start booking her own play dates so she can go out and have some fun!


Comment by Desperate Dietwives.

Can’t Social Services do something for the kid? Really, being used by her mother this way is maltreating children!
When I think that the other day a REALLY CARING AND LOVING Mom was feeling bad because she accidentally scratched her boy…

And here’s a completely selfish mom, using her daughter to reach a doubtful guinness goal!!!!


Comment by cate8.

weird—-but I have 40 extra pounds she can have toward her goal!

Roxanne Reply:

I’ve got another 40 she can have!

See how easy it’ll be to get her to her goal?


Comment by From Belgium.

This woman was clearly not standing in line when God (nature, Allah, the all powerfull whatisnot, whatever you preference) dolled out common sense! Probably she was getting a big mac.

Karin Reply:

She may have been in line but refused delivery.

FYI – I’m grossed out by this


Comment by Muffintopmommy.

I actually think that’s borderline child abuse. She’s teaching her child such poor eating habits and having her assist in essentially killing her mother with food–bc she will wind up dead if she really keeps it up. Ugh.

I did laugh out loud at your Caldor reference—that brings me back! Like an ugly, low budget brown and orange version of Tarjay! No way you’d get into the Pogo hall of fame with a stick from there!

Kelcey Reply:

Agree on the borderline child abuse and I’m so glad someone remembers Caldor!!


Comment by Anon for this.

Is it really, really wrong for me to wonder who has sex with a 700 pound woman?

natecammom Reply:

Not at all! I was wondering the exact same thing!

Desperate Dietwives Reply:

Maybe it was an artificially-induced pregnancy…


Comment by Plano Mom.

I’m sure she feels this is the only way to provide for her child’s future. In her mind, she’s making the ultimate sacrifice so her child can be financially set. The only problem is any money she makes will be spent on serious therapy for that kid. Either that or it will be blown on a drug habit.


Comment by All Fooked Up.

I hate people…that is all


Comment by Tonya.

So sad. Really really sad! That poor child!
Also, I’m still in shock: 15,000 calories a day???? Is it even possible to eat that????


Comment by rojopaul.

Somebody write Chris Powell!


Comment by Bekah.

That is horrifying! Cheryl D. is probably right; at this point, the damage to the mother’s health is done.

But to think what this is doing to her daughter is truly scary. That poor child is likely to end up with so many issues when she realizes her mother purposely worked to kill herself with food for a record.


Comment by S Club Mama.

This makes me want to cry. I agree that there is so much self-hate but goodness gracious, this is ridiculous. There is obviously no self-love there either because she is killing herself. And to have a 4yo as your personal assistant?!?! Ridiculous the example she is setting for her daughter; especially when she won’t be around to fix it later.


Comment by Padded Cell Princess.

I watched something a while ago that stated that Guinness removed their ‘fattest pet’ category because they didn’t want to encourage people to put their pet’s health at risk in order to gain a title. Why haven’t they done this with people!?! Aren’t people more important than pets? I’m sure Fido’s kids won’t care when he’s buried under the rose bush and this woman’s little girl needs her mommy! It’s sick what people will do for 15 minutes of fame.


Comment by Jenny.

I think that’s really sad 🙁 For the woman…but especially for her daughter 🙁

I am a heavy girl. BUt I can’t stand myself at this weight and I am trying to do something about it. I want to do things with my kids, be here to watch them get married, etc….


Comment by Jayme (Random Blogette).

It makes me so sick that people will do almost anything for fame. I so agree that this is borderline child abuse and I hope that someone steps in and takes the time to investigate this mother. People piss me off!


Comment by DitchYourJobNow.

There’s obviously a lot more going on inside of her than the story, but just an observation, not an opinion.

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