27 Apr
Is Watching TV the Same as a Social Life?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

Can you give me suggestions of what middle-age(ish) people do for fun? I’m now too old for bar hopping yet too young for shuffleboard. Our kids are old enough that we can start reclaiming some of our life but not old enough to leave them at home alone. Right now our list of Fun Things To Do includes work 10 hour days, wash dishes, veg out to “Myth Busters” and sleep. Obviously we need serious help.


Middle Aged But Not Dead


Dear Middle Aged But Not Dead,

I’m so glad you’re not dead. Or else it would be weird giving you advice.

The question really isn’t what do middle-age(ish) people do for fun. But really, what do YOU like to do for fun?   What is on that bucket list of yours?   Don’t pick something like “Swimming nude with the sharks and Jonah Hill off Australia’s Gold Coast” since that takes a lot of logistical planning and you’ll be so overwhelmed that you’ll never get off the couch. But what can you remember doing like a billion years ago (pre-kids) that brought you some joy?

How about going out to dinner, the movies or the local community theater? Go roller skating, play miniature golf or check out an arcade (I bet you can still kick ass at Pac Man). How about playing tennis, throwing a dinner party, hitting an art gallery, taking dance lessons or a cooking class, wine tasting or scrap booking. Go get a makeover at a local department store. Meander around a bookstore. Make your own beer. Plant a garden. Try yoga. Swing dancing. Think outside the TV box.

I know you said your children can’t be left alone but they have these really cool things called babysitters. You check their references, they come to your house, they put your kids to bed, they make sure the house doesn’t burn down, they eat all your food, they mistakenly delete your latest episode of “Friday Night Lights,” they hopefully don’t drink your Chardonnay, and then you come home and pay them!

It’s brilliant.

SO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. Set your DVR to record “Myth Busters” and have some fun. And remember – no one is ever too old to bar hop. Or at least that’s what Marinka and Wendi told me.

Good luck,

Kelcey, TMH

One of the Friends of the Mouthy Housewives, the wonderful Amy Wilson, just had her book “When Did I Get Like This?” come out in paperback! We all really love this funny book and think you should each buy 10 copies of it. DO IT!

2 Responses to “Is Watching TV the Same as a Social Life?”


Comment by Stasha.

If hoping seems overwhelming stick to one bar. Once you get accustomed you can move up the street and hit a few more…


Comment by K.

Yes – go out! Go to dinner, go to a movie. Do whatever you did before kids that didn’t involve drinking too much and kissing random boys (or was that just me?)

I also find Bunco good middle aged fun. And really anything where I can complete a full sentence and don’t have to feed anybody else.

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