08 Sep
How to Blow Off Your Date in a 2.0 World

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

I’m doing a lot of internet dating in the hopes of finding my future husband. When a date is a dud, how do I gently blow him off? It gets so awkward at the end of the date.


Match Dot Com Martha


Dear Match Dot Com Martha,

I’m so glad you are out there dating! Clearly, you have learned the first lesson of dating. It’s impossible to meet someone while at home watching a Lifetime movie marathon and gorging on baked chips. ¬† Not that I do that sort of thing.

Unfortunately, a lot of dates will be downers and that’s all part of the process of meeting that special someone. I advise you to keep dates short. Don’t go for the steakhouse dinner. Just meet the chap for a coffee at Starbucks. It’s a lot easier to grab a coffee than wait for dessert menus and the check. Because just as you’ve completely run out of conversation topics, the waiter will definitely take his cigarette break.

At the end of a bad date, many of us have the tendency to be stricken with the inability to close our mouths. We say something like… “Hey, it was great to meet you. So fun. Just love this coffee shop. Great coffee if you know what I mean. So anyway, great to meet you. Oh wait, I think I already said that. Anywho, I’m going to get the subway now. Gotta go see my grandmother. Well, she actually lives in Florida. But I need to call her and you know what it’s like to make a call out on the street. Can’t hear a thing. So I gotta get home and call her from there. Nice and quiet. Anyway, loved meeting you and we should totally do this again. Next week maybe. I don’t know. Monday or Tuesday. How about Monday? Monday it is. I’ll see you then. Ok gotta run. Bye.”

And all of a sudden you have another date with the dud because you couldn’t stop yourself from talking. So at the end of a date, look that fellow in the eyes and say, “It was great meeting you. Have a good night.” THEN LEAVE. IMMEDIATELY. If he suggests meeting up again, just say, “My next few weeks are crazy but great to connect with you today.” ¬†THEN LEAVE. IMMEDIATELY.

If this guy’s persistent, send him a nice email explaining that he’s a great guy but just not the man for you.

Good luck to you.


Kelcey, TMH

2 Responses to “How to Blow Off Your Date in a 2.0 World”


Comment by Bean.

I met my husband through online dating. The “sip and see” is a perfect first date, and have a natural end that’s usually less than an hour away. A follow-up email that says “Thanks – you’re super, but I didn’t feel a connection” seemed to work well – and hey, they’re in this too, so they (mostly) understand. And if they don’t respond well? Well, then you REALLY know you were right.

Just as a reminder: never tell them your last name, workplace or address before you’ve met. And never meet them at your house or theirs until you know them better. Most people are decent… but there are some psychos out there.


Comment by Jennifer June.

Maybe end the date with a
“Take care… of yourself… because I’m not going to… ever.”

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