24 May
Working 9 to 5 and Seeking Vegeance for My Hubby

I can’t believe it’s Thursday already, Mouthy Minions! It seems like just yesterday that I had locked myself in the closet with a stack of US Weeklys & Skittles, declaring to my husband and bewildered preschoolers that I was gonna ride this week out in the bunker. But Friday is nearly upon us, and so we’ve brought in one hilarious mother flubber, Jeni of Highly Irritable to coax us all into the weekend. Check out Jeni’s very funny blog to learn more about how she celebrated her Mother’s Day with a dead bird, and check her out on Twitter where she has us cracking up daily. (Such a showoff, this one is.) –Kristine

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

I have worked for a company for 16 years. My husband had worked for the same company for the last 7 years. This company decided to move his job offshore, thereby making him unemployed. I still have to work with these people every day, including the person that made the final decision. I’m finding it very difficult not to get mouthy with these people and finding it difficult to care if things get done. Obviously, I can’t afford to also lose my job, so how can I get past this?


Mad for Hubby


Dear Mad for Hubby but Happy for Pay Check,

First, let me congratulate you for still being married after working with your spouse for seven years. I worked with my (now-ex) spouse once for about seven minutes before I ran screaming and threw myself at the closest divorce lawyer.

Losing your job sucks no matter the circumstances, and we here at “The Mouthy Housewives” can sympathize with your situation. Dinnertime conversation must be interesting and kind of exhausting what with thinking up new adjectives for all of your supervisors. But before you start publically addressing your bosses by their unflattering new nicknames, let’s examine for a moment the positives in this situation.

You say your husband’s job was moved offshore, and it appears that he didn’t go with it. Who really wants to go offshore anyway? NOTHING GOOD EVER HAPPENS OFFSHORE. Think about it; there’s the offshore oil spill, the offshore banking scandal… No. Onshore is definitely the place to be. And hey! It’s where the sea shells are!

As for your difficulty maintaining a degree of professionalism in the office, please tread carefully. The Mouthy Housewives are all for getting mouthy when the occasion is appropriate, but this may not the time. Until your husband becomes re-employed (on the shore, please) you are the sole income earner in your household. A few choice words and a careless “reply all” on an email could put that in jeopardy. And in 16 years with this company, you’ve probably forged some decent relationships (and potential references) with these people. Eliminating someone’s position is never a fun job, and we’re sure it wasn’t the most enjoyable thing your supervisor did that week.

It does indeed suck that your husband was let go because his job was moved. But remember, things are great here at home in America right now! There’s the strong econom…err, the complete equality of wome…well, there’s…alright. Things aren’t great, and we hope your husband finds suitable employment soon. Until then, we suggest a smile in the office, and perhaps a lottery ticket or two on grocery day.


Jeni, Guest TMH

11 Responses to “Working 9 to 5 and Seeking Vegeance for My Hubby”


Comment by stepmommyranting.

I went through this a few years ago with my boyfriend at the time, now husband. I was actually friends with his supervisor, she would have girls night at her house, out for drinks etc… She targeted him and fired him for not cutting his hair or tucking in his shirt at all times. I didn’t speak to her for over a year, but I can give a dirty look in the hall all day long. In the end it worked out as the best thing that ever happened to us. He ended up getting a job with another company makeing $30,000 more a year than he was, the company cares about his work perfomance and strong skill set as opposed to the length of his hair! Good luck and remember these things often work out way better in the long run!

Danielle Reply:

I don’t get it. If he knew these things bothered his boss why didn’t he change them. Like cutting his hair would have killed him.

Roshni Reply:

what I don’t get is why a company would let go of a talented person simply because of the length of his hair!


Comment by Plano Mom.

Why do you have to hide your disappointment and anger? Seems to me it would be totally understandable to be unhappy and angry at the way things went down. Now, being angry and being rude in expressing that anger are two different things, but I think no one would think poorly of you if you honestly said that you were angry and resentful, and that you were struggling with not letting it affect your attitude. By getting it out in the open, perhaps you can make it a bit easier because you don’t have to deny your emotion, just control it.

Leah Reply:

I think you are right, Plano Mom. No one can deny you the right to be upset, and by expressing it {nicely} it may just be the thing to help you move on and give you that “bump” to care again.


Comment by Angie Uncovered.

First, let me say that I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s situation. Losing a job is never easy, but there are times when a decision such as this allows a company to save multiple other jobs (maybe even yours).

There’s no way to take the sting out of it. Put your energy into helping your hubby prepare for the job hunt to follow, be supportive, and then try to see the silver lining in the fact that both of your jobs weren’t outsourced overseas.

rojopaul Reply:

Definitely agree with this comment. If you can focus on the positive, that you didn’t ALSO lose your job, maybe it will make the sting a little less painful.

And from the employer’s perspective,I would also be very careful. If there are more cuts coming and you have a bad attitude about hubby’s situation or are overheard ranting/complaining/being bitter, you could find yourself next on the chopping block, so just keep that in mind. Hopefully, hubby will get something even better or use this as a stepping stone for him to do something else he’s always wanted to do but never had the opportunity to do until now.

Plano Mom Reply:

There is a difference between ranting and raving and saying something like, “I am quite sure that I don’t have enough information at a high level to understand this decision. I wish I did, because I am struggling with it. It makes me angry and upset because it affects me personally, and I look forward to getting over this challenge.”

kokopuff Reply:

I would think that after 16 years with the same company, she should know enough about how the company operates to know exactly why his job was sent overseas.

Plano Mom Reply:

Not if it’s a very large company. Bonehead decisions are made every day at a level too high for the folks to understand why. It’s possible the person who made that decision did so because they had no other choice. I used that quote because it was the exact same thing I said when ten of my dearest friends were laid off in favor of jobs offshore.


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