08 Jun
Kitty Litter

Dear TMH,

I’ve heard that cat litter is unsafe for pregnant women to be around. Well, it’s okay for pregnant women to have cats but they shouldn’t be changing the litter boxes because of the dust that gets in the area when cleaning feces out of the box. I’m not pregnant. BUT I was wondering, at what point is it okay to start using this as an excuse to force The Hubs to have to do it all the time? I mean, I could play the “someday I want to get pregnant and shouldn’t be around cat poop dust” card now and just milk it, right?




Dear Milker,

A few months ago I watched the most important television show of my life.   It was called “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” and it aired on TLC, which is like the Harvard of cable television and super-educational.   Well, without giving too much away, it was about perfectly normal women who went along their lives and didn’t realize that they were pregnant until they went into labor.   I repeat, these women were normal and not at all Jerry Springer-ish, if you get my drift.

The take away lesson from this, of course, is that we could all be pregnant all the time, and we should plan our lives accordingly.   This means that you should stop smoking, drink in moderation, start eating for two and not even think about the litter box.   Also, if you are from my particular school of pain management, you should get fitted for a epidural immediately if not sooner.   I’m sure that if you explain this to your husband, he will cheer and happily take over all cat litter and vacuuming duties.   What?   You can’t be expected to move heavy furniture in your pre-delicate condition.

I know that some “mental health professionals” probably won’t approve of lying and manipulation in a relationship  as a means of getting your way.  I’m guessing that their advice would be to talk openly and honestly to your partner about a fair and equitable division of labor and chores in your home.  By all means, try that.  And if you get  a break from doing absolutely everything around the house, drop us a line about how it worked out for you.

Deceptively yours,

Marinka, TMH


12Each week The Mouthy Housewives will give out our Seal of Approval to our favorite post of the week! Our first award goes to Is There Any Mommy Out There? for her very funny post last week on dealing with sick kids and the dreaded pediatrician’s office.

Congrats AnyMommy!

9 Responses to “Kitty Litter”


Comment by anymommy.

Aw, thanks mouthy housewives, I’m truly honored. Now, I just need a snappy comeback for the condescending doctors in my life.

P.S. While I absolutely adore “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant,” I have to say that completely normal might not apply to all of the women on the show. Especially the one that had her baby in her toilet and thought she heard coyotes yipping outside until she looked down and saw the baby. Okay, WTF?


Comment by suburbancorrespondent.

I’ve got the answer for condescending pediatricians – you have to dress up.


Comment by K.

The whole we might all be pregnant all the time thought just scared the crap out of me. Very scary stuff.


Comment by Inna.

I’m a little terrified too! Did these women not get their period? I’m gonna go do some googling now, for good measure.


Comment by wa.

Either that, or teach your cat to use a real toilet.


Comment by Cat Litter Boxes Site.

There are online tutorials that show you how to teach your cat to use the humans toilet


Comment by mapsgirl.

I have to agree with the “WTF” comments about “I didn’t know I was pregnant”. I enjoyed being pregnant and (most of) the feelings and sensations that came a long with it. I think I’d feel ripped off if I didn’t get experience those things.

As for the litter box, good call on the communication idea. I just wish that cleaning up dog poop was a no-no like cat litter.

p.s. There’s a little something on my blog for the wonderful women of this blog.


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