17 May
I’m Freezing and My Husband is Sweating.

In honor of our 3rd birthday, you all have been giving us some rock star advice all week. But enough of  Wendi, Kristine and Marinka, how about me! And my problems!!

Dear Mouthy Housewives readers,

I love when summer finally rolls around. Because I adore warm weather. Throw me in the Sahara desert with a fleece jacket and some wool slippers and I am in heaven.

But here’s the issue. My husband has some kind of weird condition where he likes to be cool. So as soon as the temperature outside goes above 70, he cranks the air conditioning. And I am forced to endure cold, windy drafts and frostbite. (Well, I haven’t gotten frostbite yet but it’s really a matter of time, people.)

I don’t want to spend another summer freezing in my own home. Do we need some kind of marriage counselor with a specialty in meteorology?


Kelcey, TMH

8 Responses to “I’m Freezing and My Husband is Sweating.”


Comment by enbrightened.

we’re the opposite. i seem to be having permanent hot flashes while my husband complains that the cold (73 degrees) makes him “cramp up.” fun stuff.


Comment by Brett Minor.

This is one of those issues that many couples deal with that has no solution other than find a compromise. Generally the person that is cold can put on more clothes, but the person that is too hot can only get so naked.

Marinka Reply:

Well, there are many skin layers, so don’t rule out shedding as an option!


Comment by Marinka.

I’m pretty sure that menopause will fix this problem, so yay that you have that to look forward to!


Comment by Steph.

Remind your husband that he is contributing to global warming. If that doesn’t work,have your children wrap themselves around you to warm you up and then please post a picture of all that cuteness.


Comment by Plano Mom.

You can’t have sex when you’re freezing.


Comment by MommyTime.

I HATE over-air conditioning and would live without any AC at all if I could, so I totally sympathize. My suggestion is to try a programmable thermostat. The good ones divide the day into at least four zones. For us, that’s sleeping time (10p-6am), getting ready time (6am-8am), no one’s home time (8am-4pm), we’re all doing homework, eating and throwing temper tantrums about not wanting to go to bed time (4pm-10pm). In winter, heat temp goes down when no one’s home, and down when we’re all asleep under lots of covers; it comes up when we’re home and awake. You could do something similar with AC, where it’s coolest at night (when you can snuggle under more blankets and he can kick off a few layers), slightly warmer (but still too cold for you) during the morning time when he’s home, comfy (for you) during the day when he’s at work, and cooler once he gets home from work. This way, the natural heating properties of cooking dinner, chasing after errant peas, running after children who keep bouncing up from the table, wrangling them into baths and bed (wait, sorry, I am projecting my house onto yours), might keep you a bit warmer in that stretch of the evening, while the rest of the time, you will be comfy. Also, if you and he agree on when the thermostat will go up and down, at least you’ll both know YOUR time is coming and be less likely to keep switching it willy nilly while cursing under your breath (which you can see).


Comment by tracey.

I say to just turn the air off when he leaves. If you’re home and cold that makes NO SENSE. Also, I find that the kids and I don’t go outside very much if the air is on. So your children’s physical activity depends upon turning the a/c off!

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