17 Apr
I Want My Husband To Shave. His Body. I’m Serious.

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

I want my husband to start shaving his arms and legs. We have been married for 3 years now.  He used to let me shave them but after about a year into the marriage he stopped allowing me to do it.

What are some ways I could convince him to start doing this? I hate body hair.


I Don’t Dig Gorillas


Dear I Don’t Dig Gorillas,

Wow, have you made me feel better! And here I was feeling bad that I pretended to like Chinese food when I first started dating my husband. But your spouse apparently pretended that he liked shaving his legs and arms?!

I really bow down to you lady. I can not believe you convinced your husband to do this for so long (an entire year into your marriage!). Most wives have much smaller marital dreams. Like maybe convincing their husbands to put dirty dishes into the dishwasher instead of the more popular sink option.

Just out of curiosity, how long does it take to shave his arms and legs? You, of course, can email me privately with this pivotal information.

You have three options here. You can accept him the way he is. I mean, I would love for my husband to have Ryan Gosling abs but let’s be realistic. There is a better chance that Ryan Gosling will be my second husband than that happening. So I accept the love of my life the way he is (at least 99% of the time, okay 80% but whatever).

Your second option is to convince him to become a professional swimmer which will require him to remove all body hair. But then of course, he’ll constantly smell like chlorine.

Or finally, you can tell your husband that you think it’s SO SEXY when he shaves his arms and legs and you would really love for him to do it again.  You can offer something in return but good lord, I hope he doesn’t ask you to watch the entire baseball season with him because those games are on EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Be careful.

In the end, he still might not want to do it. And ultimately that’s what marriage is all about – accepting and loving your spouse for who he is, not who you wish he would be. And with that final morsel of wisdom, I’m off to move all the dishes out of the sink and into the dishwasher.

Good luck,

Kelcey, TMH

16 Responses to “I Want My Husband To Shave. His Body. I’m Serious.”


Comment by Brett Minor.

I just have to wonder if he sprouted this hair after the wedding or did he have this hair before then. If he had it before, was he told by you that once you got married he would have to start shaving.

I’m surprised he allowed it for a whole year.


Comment by calliope.

I just.. don’t get it?
You knew your man had hair, is it really that important that he shave it? I mean, if his hair is the main thing keeping you with him, maybe you need to re-evaluate your relationship. Otherwise, maybe suck it up and deal with it.
I prefer a bit more hair on men than my husband has, but I don’t expect him to physically alter himself, nor would I be happy if he said he was grossed out by my body hair.


Comment by ropeum21.

You could always go on hair removal strike yourself! Tell him that your a born again hippy. He may reconsider shaving once he see’s your gorilla hair! ;0)


Comment by Plano Mom.

Is it really about the hair, or is that just a symptom of something else you’re uncomfortable with? I’m not asking as judgement, but only because I don’t understand. My husband happens to be hairy, but if he suddenly lost it all, it wouldn’t make one bit of difference. My attraction to him is based on other things – doing the dishes, looking deeply into my eyes as he says “sure honey, go have a spa day…”

Danielle Reply:

Amen sister. The ability to hand over the debit card is far more attractive than his hair levels.


Comment by Carinn @welcometothemotherhood.

I hope to think of a funny comment after I catch my breath. Hysterical but helpful too (such a fine line you Mouthy Housewives walk).


Comment by Three Loud Kids!.

I have to say personally I like a man that has more hair than me… and if Im not willing to commit to shaving my arms I wouldn’t ask him to be either. Thats a lot of work!


Comment by Just Me.

I’d be glad to fix you up with my ex. He used to insist that I shave his entire body about every 6 weeks. I hated the job, and hated the prickly results too.

Now that we’re divorced, my daughter has to help him (minus the inappropriate parts of course). She’d gladly let someone else do the work.

kokopuff Reply:

This reply warrants a post of its own. Your daughter shaves your ex husband? Dear God. Have you ever considered that this is a form of child abuse? Or something much sicker?

Just Me Reply:

It’s not “abuse” in the sense that there is anything kinky/sick involved… I know there isn’t.

But I believe the fact that he thinks anyone has to do whatever he wants regardless of how they feel about it is emotionally abusive… that’s why he’s my ex. I certainly don’t like it, because she hates doing it (as much as I always hated it).

Leah Reply:

WHAT? WHY? WHY are you not protecting your daughter? If I knew my daughter was being subjected to something like that you can be damn sure she would never have to see her father again. What he is doing is WRONG and you allowing it to happen is WRONG.

Kate Reply:

Totally agree with Leah.
Just Me, you got away from your ex’s controlling emotional abuse, but you’re letting your daughter get sucked into it? Make this stop.


Comment by VG.

Now my hubby is of the Italian persuasion so he got socked with the dark hair everywhere genetics that only his people have (If I offend, I apologize, but I’ve dated other Italians and yeah… sorry it’s true). He HATES being hairy, he hates to sweat and feel extra sticky – but he does groom. He shaves his “special place” (YAY ME!) and keeps the chest hair in check. He doesn’t shave his whole body, but will make sure hair is kept manageable.
So, I say except your hairy man. Maybe he’ll get sick of it and take care of business (like my man) or maybe he’s comfortable with the hair. Just think of him as a life-size Teddy Bear to snuggle with.


Comment by Linda Sands (@lindasands).

I brought home a brochure from the waxer and left it out for my 18 yr old son to read. His comment was, “Look at this, it’s only 30 bucks for a woman’s butt, and they want $60 to do a man’s!!”
My reply: Because they are the bigger asses.”
PS. I introduced my male gym mates to shoulder waxing in the late 1980’s. they still thank me for it.


Comment by Talking to Your Children About Firsts | The Mouthy Housewives.

[…] dealt with the issue of shaving many times, even the weirdness of shaving husbands. But we’ve also talked about knowing when our daughters are ready to shave because […]


Comment by Jeff.

Interesting views. When my wife and I got married I was very hairy, too. After raising a son and getting him off to college the pubic shave had started. I wanted to shave down there to see how it would be. I knew I couldn’t tell her because she would go crazy. So I shaved down there and yes, she went crazy. After a little bit of time she started to grow accustom to missing hair. I did realize that all the other body hair needed to be trimmed or I would really look “different”. I trimmed up and I think I look fine and so does my wife. I once told her I was thinking about growing it back and she said “no way” I like you like this! I guess the real answer is people change. Go with the flow and you might find you like something better the other way.

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