15 Jun
Father’s Day Cards from The Mouthy Housewives

This Sunday is Father’s Day, and we here at the Mouthy Housewives wanted to take a moment to–wait…Father’s Day is THIS Sunday?!

::checks calendar::


Welp! Looks like we’ll be doing another arts & crafts project for Daddio this year, seeing as there’s no time to order that iWhatever, nor is there enough guilt in my heart to break down and buy a gift certificate to Hooters. And since we’re sure there are more of us out there, scrambling to find a card and gift for that impossible-to-buy-for leading man in our lives, we’ve put together a few last minute Father’s Day cards for you, our Mouthy readers. Click to enlarge, print & feel the love!










5 Responses to “Father’s Day Cards from The Mouthy Housewives”


Comment by Becky.

I am going to use up all the ink in my printer on these. Just let me know when The Mouthy Housewives section in my local Hallmark store will be opening.


Comment by Carinn @welcometothemotherhood.

My favorite is clearly that “no” means “maybe in five minutes”. Why do men have all the willpower of a 2 year old? Shouldn’t they be used to nagging by now??


Comment by Kate.

If I print off several of these and staple them inside one another, creating card-ception, I think I will have grabbed the title of “Best Daughter In The History Of Ever”.

You just saved my life.

And made me the favourite all over again.


Comment by Rebecca Gallagher.

BUWAHAHAHA!!! Awesome. Sharing for sure!!


Comment by karena.

Ive never understood why they dont have more “deadbeat dad” cards. something like, “dad, you’ve given me unruly curly hair, trust issues and a nice rack, (that defenitely comes from your side) but the best thing was the need for male acceptance and daddy complex that led to my promiscuity. that made me SUPER popular.”

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