02 Jun
Battle Over the Thermostat

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

It’s practically summer which means my husband and I are now battling over the air conditioning.   He prefers it much colder than me, so we are both constantly moving the thermostat around. We actually get in major arguments over this. Please help.


I Refuse to Wear a Sweater After Surviving the Longest Winter Ever


Dear Sweater Hater,

Boy, have you have come to the right Mouthy Housewife.   My husband could be at the North Pole, sitting in an igloo in his underwear and he would absolutely say, “Man, it’s hot in here. Can we pump up the air conditioning?” (I have no idea if igloos actually have air conditioning but if they do, my husband would be all over it.)

You could try our technique for marital harmony in the summer where my husband puts the air conditioning on high and I open all the windows. Somehow this creates the ideal temperature for both of us. But alas, it only lasts a month because as soon as you see your insane electric bill, you’ll realize that you’ll have to immediately sell your house and move into your car.

Which brings me to option two. Live in your car. But make sure it’s one of those vehicles that has dual temperature controls. So your husband can live happily, enjoying 64 degree temps on one side and you can feel the comfort of 72 degrees on the other.   Of course, soon you’ll be fighting about other things – like the lack of a shower, toilet and beds.

Now my husband always argues that he can’t take any more clothes off, but I can easily put more layers on. I sort of see his point except I’ve never witnessed him lying on the couch naked watching the ball game. So is he really trying his hardest to stay cool?

You and your husband are going to have to come up with some temperature that you can both live with – one where he’s not sweating profusely and you’re not wearing your down jacket.   And at this agreed upon temperature, you may have to throw on a sweater. But marriage is about compromise. And just be glad you’re fighting over the temperature of your house and not some love child he fathered 10 years ago. Because it can always be worse. Much worse.

Good luck,

Kelcey, TMH

8 Responses to “Battle Over the Thermostat”


Comment by Teresa M.

We kinda have the same problem But I am the one who is hot. Try an oscillating fan. Sometimes it’s not the heat, but the lack of air movement makes you feel hot. If he can have the fan blowing on him, he may feel cooler at a warmer temperature. And buy him some shorts!


Comment by Marinka, TMH.

Just wait a few years until menopause!


Comment by Wendi.

With the windows open and the air on, is your house filled with clouds?

(Note: I have no actual working knowledge of how clouds are formed.)


Comment by Muffintopmommy.

Heating and cooling is our biggest marital fight. I always say in summer, why am I sitting here shivering? If it were winter, I’d turn the heat up if I felt this way. It makes no sense! Glad I’m not alone in my plight! I had to drink more the other day to warm up, but that could be a bad long term plan!


Comment by Plano Mom.

For our family, the battle was between me and my mother in law. Our solution was to take each person’s ideal temperature setting, split it in the middle, and agree to just be halfway uncomfortable. This worked until I hit menopause, and then the rest of the family froze while the Mamas were happy!


Comment by Minipeds.

My husband, too, thinks he’s a polar bear and keeps the air conditioning at North Pole temps. I keep a blanket on the couch for when I’m watching TV. I’d also suggest wearing socks, if you aren’t already. Good luck!


Comment by adil.

My husband and I have this issue as well. We’re fine all winter, because I tend to wear sweats around the house (sexy, I know) and he wears t-shirts. But in the summer, I don’t want to have to wear sweats anymore. Because it’s SUMMER. And he’s already down to a T, so there’s not much more to take off. We compromise by using fans, like Teresa said, and blankets, like Minipeds said. Good luck!


Comment by Ace.

1. I just checked someone in to the hotel where I work (in Alaska) and they were complaining that there isn’t air conditioning. SORRY your generation caused Global Warming with all your fancy industrial innovations and now you have to deal with a warm hotel room. Get over it.
2. It’s kind of sad to me that this can cause an actual fight, but it’s kind of whatever. I don’t fight. I am passive-aggressive, so I just ruin lives and people don’t even know what happened.
3. Maybe he’d be down with leaving the AC off if you promised you’d walk around in your panties? Or a bikini? I have super slutty short shorts that I will only wear when our house is warm enough, and my husband caught onto that and suddenly preferred my idea of comfortable over his idea of comfortable. Get him one of those hats with the fan built off the brim. Just make sure he doesn’t wear it while driving. I’m sure that’s somehow illegal.

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