29 Jul
Help, Bejeweled Has Me Befuddled!

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

I am completely addicted to Bejeweled on Facebook. I play it over and over and over again. It’s not like I ignore my kids. I play it from 10 pm to 1 am every night. But I can’t stop myself. Should I deactivate my Facebook membership?



Dear Befuddled,

This is a perfect example of the diversity in the human race. I have no idea what Bejeweled is, but I am completely addicted to old high school insecurities on Facebook! I can’t stop looking at old high school photos all the former popular kids post and realizing I am in NONE of them. My BFF comes to our hometown for a visit, arranges to meet up with another friend but doesn’t even tell me she’ll be in town. I can’t stop myself from staring at the photos of their dinner and wallowing in self-pity for not being invited!

I looked into this Bejeweled thing, thinking it might be a healthier addiction since it won’t make me feel like a high school reject all over again. However, when I logged into Facebook, I was sidetracked by new Prom ’92 photos someone posted – the prom where I couldn’t even get a date – and I never got around to installing the Bejeweled app.

But in the big picture, this Facebook addiction or that one, it doesn’t matter. This question is whether we must quit FB altogether in order to save ourselves from those boring AA-type meetings. In a perfect world where all adults are mature and always make the best decision, I would say no, we do not have to deactivate our account in order to maintain a healthy life balance.

However, if I were to judge by my pants size – which is not a size 4 – we don’t live in a perfect world. We all have flaws and weaknesses, mine being chocolate chip cookies and self-flagellation with my high school yearbook, yours a game involving flashy jewels with no market value whatsoever. As adults it’s up to us to determine whether Facebook is acting as a fun yet harmless diversion or a crutch distracting us from addressing a deeper life problem.


Heather, TMH

8 Responses to “Help, Bejeweled Has Me Befuddled!”


Comment by Wendi.

I had a similar problem years ago when I was smoking the Spider Solitaire crack pipe. My rehab was asking my husband to uninstall it from my computer & I’ve been clean ever since.


Comment by GrandeMocha.

It’s free & harmless to the environment. Rock on!


Comment by Plano Mom.

My jones is Beads on Shockwave.com. Was at freakin level 34 for six months.

I ration my time. 3 tries then I must quit for the day, no more than 30 minutes.

But when I have insomnia, it’s all I do.


Comment by Karen at French Skinny.

I was addicted to bejeweled for awhile. I would play it on my phone when I was waiting in line. But then I started playing it at home. Not sleeping. Not eating. And for what? Are all those bejewels on my fingers? No.
Then I found mommy bloggers.


Comment by HellTygr.

It depends. Are you at the top of your friends every week? If you spend that much time and can’t get past 100K points, totally quit.
I kid.
I’m addicted to games too, but if it weren’t FB games, it’d be other PC games, or the wii, or soap operas, or… you get the picture. I remind myself from time to time that limits are a good thing, than attempt to stick to them.


Comment by dusty earth mother.

Maybe just cut it down to two hours a night. Think of how much perkier you’ll be with that extra hour of sleep. And perkiness is all the rage these days.


Comment by Momof4Luds.

I give you this warning because I feel your pain: DON’T EVER TRY SNOOD. I’ve tried it, installed it, and uninstalled it – more than once.


Comment by The Other Wendi.

My first addiction came in the form of Super Mahjong. The icon now sits ignored on my desktop thanks to a raging case of carpel tunnel.

I’m currently experience withdrawal from Scrabble on my cell phone.

I. Am. Hopeless.

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