25 Feb
Don’t Keep Up With These Joneses. She’ll Turn You Into the IRS

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

My sister married a real jerk. He’s constantly one-upping everything we all do and making comments about what we are all doing wrong. Well, we found out he’s cheating the IRS and turned him in for tax fraud. Am I an awful sister??


Family Stool Pigeon


Dear Family Stool Pigeon,

I would tell you to sit down for my answer, but you are only going to jump up again so don’t bother.

Yes, you are an awful sister.

Really? You ratted out your brother-in-law to the IRS? And you’re calling him the jerk. Hmmm.

Did you stop to consider how he is going to one-up you on that?

He’ll probably plant a few kilos of cocaine in your car and then call the cops on you. Or worse, he’ll put a dead body in your basement and turn you in to CSI Miami. I’d be scared if I were you, very scared.


Heather, TMH

16 Responses to “Don’t Keep Up With These Joneses. She’ll Turn You Into the IRS”


Comment by Tired, tired mommy.

Heather may be harsh enough, but I have to add, REALLY? Someone could be so petty and insecure that someone’s meaningless comments and prideful competition means enough to their ego that they would purposefully try to destroy thier sibling’s life and marriage.
One word, Pigeon: KARMA
Good luck with that.


Comment by Kelly.

Wow… I mean, if the guy’s an ass, figure out a way to screw with his head while giggling evilly. But to turn him in to the IRS? What about the impact that’s going to have on HIS FAMILY??? You know, your SISTER? I mean, I have an evil troll for a sibling, and I don’t think even SHE would do that.
Ouch. Tired, tired mommy is right – that whole Karma thing is really gonna suck when it’s your turn.


Comment by Muirgen.

Her intention – doing something like that out of vengeance and pettiness – is wrong. She may well have lost the relationship with her sister in the process.

However. The guy is (assumedly) breaking the law. It is HIS actions that jeopardize his family. Sister may have sped up the process, but only he is responsible for his behavior.

How do we ever expect criminals to be held responsible if other people won’t rat them out? Would you have the same reaction if she’d reported him for dealing drugs? Being abusive? Committing armed robbery? Why is this any different?

Call me biased – I worked almost 20 years with crime victims, and am married to a prosecutor. If there are repercussions on his family, they are his fault, not the writer’s. She is the catalyst – she bears some blame for the emotional impact of having made the call. However, he’s responsible for his own criminal behaviors, and those consequences.

Marinka, TMH Reply:

I agree with you, but there are few people who could survive being held up to the light like that, I think. Please don’t look in my basement.


Comment by Heather.

Yeah, I don’t know, I think there may be a difference between dealing drugs or threatening other lives and cheating our government out of money that they are only going to give to banks while ignoring Main Street.

Right and wrong is not pure black and white.

Oh, and I question whether the motives were out of a sense of justice or a petty tit-for-tat.


Comment by Wendi.

Ay-yi-yi. Well, in my opinion, whatever the BIL did isn’t the main issue.

It’s that Pigeon should have at least talked with her sister before taking action because this will hugely affect her life & her family’s.


Comment by Tammigirl.

The difference is you didn’t plant the tax fraud on him.

It is going to suck for your sister and any children they may have.

What a sticky situation.

Maybe it’s the wife of an attorney in me, but I agree with the prosecutor’s wife. His actions are illegal. It is black and white to me. I am not saying I would have turned him in, because I am not sure I would have. Yikes.

On the upside, do you get a reward? 😉


Comment by Heather.

I can see the point of illegal is illegal. But if I’m riding with my sister and she goes 10 mph over the speed limit, do I call the cops and report her because her car is nicer than mine and she likes to remind me of it? Cell phones are so handy! If illegal is illegal…

Rachel Reply:

I think there is a big difference between defrauding the government and speeding.


Comment by Single Mom.

If pigeon turned in someone who wasn’t her brother in law would we keep telling her she’s wrong for doing it?

Heather Reply:

I’m not sure relationship status has much to do with it. If she turned in a co-worker out of spite and pettiness, I would still question the morality of the action.


Comment by Anon.

I had a similar situation with my B and SIL. He was dealing major drugs and making mega money. I was not ‘supposed’ to know but hey, hubby and I have no secrets.

What pissed me off was that the SIL would constantly rub it in my face how much $$ they had and how ‘hard’ her and her husband worked for it. Give me a flipping break. They were making an average of $20,000 a month according to my husband. Tax free! Can you imagine?

But I took the high road, played dumb and knew that it would bite them in the ass in the end. That WE were the ones who were decent, honest and making a living honestly. We could go to bed without worrying about shady dealings and guilt. But so many times I was so tempted to report them (and get the financial reward!)

Two years ago they decided they had pushed their luck enough and got out of the biz. Now they live in a scummy rental, both working full time at real jobs that pay little. No savings, toys gotten old and facing reality.

What goes around, comes around.

Anon Reply:

Sorry, to clarify it was my BIL and SIL.


Comment by GrandeMocha.

Stool Pigeon could be my SIL. Her sister could be my SIL too. Get the bastard! I have thought about turning him in MANY times. Really pissed me off when he didn’t have medical insurance and the taxpayers got to foot the bill for his big “accident” even though he brags that he has $1,000,000.


Comment by Rachel.

While I don’t think it is the most sister-in-law-ly thing to do, he was breaking the law and committing fraud. It wasn’t as if she knew he made a mistake on his taxes and turned him in, she knew he was willfully breaking the law. He is a criminal and deserves what he gets.

I wouldn’t ever let it out that she is the one who turned him in though. That is a to your grave secret.


Comment by kokopuff.

Sorry, but in my book, you don’t rat out family unless there is real danger involved. Doing drugs? Yeah, you might kill someone or get your family killed. Abuse of children or spouse? Obviously. Cheating the IRS? Doesn’t pass the smell test.

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