12 Mar
When Friends Try to Ruin Your Wedding Day with Good News

Today The Mouthy Housewives are lucky enough to have Becky of The Tales of Princess Mikkimoto as our Friday guest poster. If you don’t follow this gal on twitter, you must to immediately improve your quality of life and happiness. Now Becky used to be a very funny single girl and now she is a very funny engaged girl. So when this question was sent to us about wedding etiquette, we knew she was the perfect person to answer it.


Dear Mouthy Housewives,

I am getting married soon and busy planning every detail of my wedding. I just found out that my fiancé’s best friend and wife are pregnant. I’m thrilled for them but don’t want their news to overshadow my wedding. I just want one day to be the queen of the ball.

I asked my fiancé if his friends could delay their baby news until after the wedding and he got very upset with me. He thinks I’m being a total bridezilla and that you can never have too much good news in one day. I just don’t want them passing around a sonogram picture while I’m walking down the aisle. Is my fiancé right? Have I turned into bridezilla or am I allowed one day that’s all mine?


Am I Bridilicious or more of a Bridezilla?


Dear B or B,

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials.   As a bride-to-be myself I know how exciting this all is.   The planning every little detail, envisioning yourself coming down the aisle, the reception with your friends and family all having their eyes on beautiful you…

But here’s the rub. See that guy up there at the alter looking all suave in his tux? Yeah, that guy. The one you are promising to love, cherish and blah blah blah from this day forward.   Unless you are mistaking your wedding for a royal coronation, it’s his day too.

I know it would be a whole lot easier if he wasn’t included in the package. I’m sure you could have registered for wedding gifts in an hour flat if he hadn’t weighed in with all those opinions about stemware. But without that guy, you actually wouldn’t be getting married at all.   So if these are his friends and he wants to share their good news, you are going to have to let him.   And now you’ll get your dream wedding cake instead of that New York Yankees inspired one that he so wanted.

Also since these are friends, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt that they won’t pass their sonogram down the aisle or jump up during, “Does anyone have any objections as to why…” with “HEY! We’re PREGNANT!”

You really can never have too much good news and it won’t take away from your special day.   I promise.   If I’m wrong you personally have my permission to show up at my wedding, grab the mike away from the best man’s toast and announce, “The groom bedded more girls than Tiger Woods!!”

And some more good news… with your pregnant friend there, it’s one less person doing shots with Uncle Pete at the open bar.

Have a beautiful wedding,


Becky, TMH

16 Responses to “When Friends Try to Ruin Your Wedding Day with Good News”


Comment by JK.

Brava, Becky. My daughter is getting married in May and I would be appalled if she were so small minded as to think life should stop for everyone around her until after her big day. If the baby news is broken before the wedding, it will be a topic of conversation and not THE topic of conversation. The bride and groom will definitely have the limelight. That’s what everyone is there to see, but for Pete’s sake, how much can you say about how beautiful everything is and what a wonderful couple is getting married? There’s got to be something else to talk about. Best wishes on your big day and, more importantly, your life together.


Comment by Marinka, TMH.

Ah, the groom. Or as I like to call him “fly in the ointment”.


Comment by the mama bird diaries.

Maybe they could use copies of the sonogram as cocktail napkins.


Comment by Ann.


You are so funny.

and thanks for letting me announce my run for office during your vows.



Comment by Becky.

Ann it was either that or have you sing, I chose to have you announce your run.

Thanks you Mouthy Housewives for letting me put my two cents in on this topic!

Now I’m off to tell Matt what tux he can get and what our invitations WILL look like.


Comment by Wendi.

I still haven’t forgiven my sister for having an appendix attack during my wedding and pulling all focus away from me when she was taken away via ambulance and almost died.



Comment by bookthingys.

As a “bride again” this upcoming October, I couldn’t have responded any better. Well done, Becky, and I wish you the best of luck. Clearly humor will see you through all obstacles. That “fly” is lucky to be in stuck with you.


Comment by Lee of MWOB.


Your rocked it sister with that advice! And I know you were being sarcastic and all but my dude TOTALLY cared about what kind of stemware we registered for. He’s all about the stemware. He MARRIED me for the stemware.



Comment by sarah @ i run with scissors.

Wow, that was tactful and funny and solid advice. I’m impressed my dear ladies… impressed.


Comment by Anna Lefler.

Listen, if those folks start yapping about being pregnant, then you – bridey – should start hinting around that you, too, are perhaps with child. That’ll swing the ol’ focus back around where it belongs.

I will not be upstaged. That’s why my bridesmaids wore burlap shifts and ski masks down the aisle.

Weddings really are all about the details, yes?

Good luck.



Comment by Anon.

Ouch. These are presumably people you are going to interact with after the nuptials? You are getting off on the wrong foot girl friend.

A true friend/caring person would be happy at their wonderful news!! Suck it up and be happy for them as I presume they will do for you on your day.

Marinka Reply:

LOL! “A true friend/caring person”! Good one, Anon! ::wiping tears::

Anon Reply:

Whaaa?? 😉


Comment by HellTygr.

“Soon” in wedding terms is not necessarily “soon” in baby-expecting terms also. Asking them to delay the news may be self-defeating in that regard.

Personally, I do see this as a bit bridezilla-ish. People knowing about the baby will not take away from your day. Are people ONLY allowed to talk about you at the reception? If so, have a care to what they might be saying.

Anon Reply:

And Bridezilla if the happy couple get to announce their news BEFORE you get married it will be old news by the time your special (coronation?) day comes to pass right?

You remind me why hubby and I eloped some 18 years ago. I could not deal with the crap that comes with weddings..


Comment by kmdguerra.

Wow, I wish I had that worry during my wedding planning. Instead I spent sleepless nights wondering if my future mother in law was really going to claw the eyes out of my future father in law’s girlfriend and making sure they weren’t seated at the same table together. Fortunately, she didn’t. Unfortunately, my sister in law got plastered and started stealing liquor from the bar and then started screaming obscenities at her dad when he caught her (I kid you not…fortunately, we were already gone). Oh, and let’s not forget the giant bag of condoms and lube my little brother thought it would be HI-larious to throw at us as we got into our limo. But that’s what makes weddings fun! Besides, their baby news will make everyone start asking you when YOU will be having a baby too!

So girlfriend, get over it. Marriages are ideally only supposed to happen once, so make sure yours last and just take it in stride.

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