12 Apr
Once More with the Facebook Shenanigans

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

At what point is it acceptable to defriend someone on Facebook? Assume this person is someone I still see on a regular basis. Like, say, a coworker. And say this person used to be my friend, but has recently gone from ‘friend’ to ‘enemy’ for no clear reason. And assume, not only is she my enemy, but she’s also taking it upon herself to bully me, then sit back and enjoy my suffering? And, let’s just say that I don’t actually want this person to know anything about my life anymore, like, say, how I’m doing. Can I defriend her?

If that’s an immature reaction to her antics, I’d rather not do it; I’d prefer to remain faultless in this whole debacle. It would really be much easier if I could somehow convince Facebook that her profile needed to be shut down. Maybe I could get her to cyber bully me.


Evil Has a Facebook Page And I’m Its Friend.


Dear Evil Has a Facebook Page,

“At what point is it acceptable to defriend someone on Facebook?”


“She’s also taking it upon herself to bully me, then sit back and enjoy my suffering.”


“I don’t actually want this person to know anything about my life anymore.”


“Can I defriend her?”



Wendi, TMH



13 Responses to “Once More with the Facebook Shenanigans”


Comment by CocoLovesWine.

Amen Wendi. AMEN!


Comment by Stasha.

Click away! Even Wendi says so!!!


Comment by Desperate Dietwives.

Go radical, my friend: block her!!! Go to your user profile, there’s a section in the privacy part where you can block users. This means they can’t read your comments in common acquaintance’s profiles, and you can’t read theirs. They can’t even find you on FB even if they make a search. For all intents and purposes, for them it’s like you cancelled your profile from FB, only you haven’t.
Peace of mind is priceless, while this person is worthless… at least of you.


Comment by Bean.

Well said. Isn’t it sad that I have these kind of conversations with my six-year-old (not about FB, but “friends”), and we’re still having them as adults?


Comment by Plano Mom.

The reader must be from the South. Only a true Southerner can be abused by an absolute jerk and worry about being impolite when we tell them to back off.


Comment by annie.

Definitely block the bitch after you drop her!


Comment by Kimberly.

Don’t just defriend her, block her. That goes for anyone you aren’t crazy about seeing your comments on FB, etc. Next, go to HR and let them know you are being bullied (hopefully you have an HR but surely someone hired you, an owner?). Keep your ducks in a row. Keep track of every hostile interaction. And proof like emails, sticky notes, even better. The company you work for can be sued pretty easily for not protecting you from a hostile work environment.

Wendi Reply:

Yes! Excellent advice.


Comment by Erin I'm Gonna Kill Him.

At first I was going to suggest you just hide them in your stream because I find it immature when people block/defriend contacts on Facebook, BUT then I read to the part about suffering and bullying. And now I’m on board with the others.

I also think you should put a flaming bag of poop in her mailbox. And not her digital one.


Comment by Karin.

block her. I blocked my cousin’s ex-MIL b/c she was creepy (I wasn’t even friends with her but she followed my cousin around FB and posted on every single thread my cousin did so I saw stuff pop up on my threads and the threads of my other cousins).
I also defriended someone who had too much drama in their lives (she’s still kind of manic – I hear about her thru mutual friends – in person – from time to time).
Oh, and in high school, there was someone with similar behavior who I just refused to hang out with – she was always pick-pick-pick on whatever I said or did. She was friends with my friends (we clashed I think b/c I refused to debate with her or agree with her) and I just made an excuse to leave when she’d hang out. We’re now FB friends only and I find that I can handle her in those doses.
As long as you don’t make a production about it, you’re taking the high road. If the abuse continues, you should make sure you’re protected both physically and at work from being sabotaged. If she notices that you’ve defriended and blocked her, realize that she has nothing better to do with her time and pity her.


Comment by home alone without macaulay culkin | The Mouthy Housewives.

[…] encounter happens, let’s talk about you and your husband’s travel schedule.   That Facebook can be a real nuisance. I’m pretty sure Mark Zuckerberg drives by my house each night just to keep tabs on my […]


Comment by Sheena.

I recently defriended 200 people. No one should care, it’s just Facebook!


Comment by Efim.

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