27 Aug
My Friend’s Boobs Look Way Too Good To Be Real

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

My friend does Botox and fillers which I have no problem with at all. But every time someone compliments her on how great she looks (which she does!), she claims that she hasn’t done any of that stuff. She also lies about her boob job. I want to tell our mutual friends the truth but she has sworn me to secrecy. Do I have to keep this secret?!


Her Boobs are as Real as Pamela Anderson’s


Dear Her Boobs are as Real as Pamela Anderson’s,

I’m seething with jealousy because I have my own future Botox fund but it keeps getting depleted for emergencies like 7-Eleven watermelon lime Slurpee runs. But I do have dreams of a forehead so smooth and frozen, it won’t budge in a category 5 hurricane.

It sounds like your friend is comfortable sharing with you all her adventures in Botox and plastic surgery but not anyone else.  I can imagine this could put you in an awkward position if one of your friends demands to know how it is possible that her face hasn’t changed since the Clinton administration.

But I think you have to keep mum. It’s just not your place to divulge her beauty secrets. Practice saying things like, “I don’t know how she looks so good but that must be some facial creme!” Or “I heard she even wears sunblock when she sleeps!”

Hopefully, your friend will eventually realize that she should just be honest with her close friends. Because really, what’s the point of a boob job if you can’t brag to your friends that you got it for half price on Groupon!

Good luck,

Kelcey, TMH


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5 Responses to “My Friend’s Boobs Look Way Too Good To Be Real”


Comment by Happy.Baker.

I have to agree. It boils down to the fact that, whether for cosmetic purposes or not, it’s her private medical information. Even if she told you about it, it’s really not anyone else’s business unless she chooses to make it their business.

While not a fan of blatant lying, there’s probably a reason for it. She doesn’t seem to feel confident enough to admit that she had things tweaked. My question is about why her lying bothers you. Why does it irk you that people believe she’s all natural? If you’d confided in her that you were wearing a padded bra or that you’d recently had a case of athlete’s foot treated, would you want her telling everyone?

Desperate Dietwives Reply:

I totally agree here, and besides, people are not stupid: they are perfectly able to detect botox and plastic surgery, even if they pretend not to.

But if being in her confidence disturbs you, just ask her not to confide in you anymore. 🙂
Perhaps you could also tell her how disturbing you find her bragging, knowing as you do that she’s not all natural. Who knows? It could be the starting point of a renewed and deeper friendship.

Good luck! 😀


Comment by Kim.

I agree, if she told you to keep quiet, then you have to do so. I bet the truth will come out eventually, even if your other friends “pretend” not to notice.

On another note… that last part…
I thought Atlanta was expensive. I love my city right now!


Comment by Lisa.

I’m always surprised at how different other peoples friendships are from my own. If a friend came to me and swore me to secrecy, I’d tell her everyone is going to know and she’d just look ridiculous lying. I wouldn’t rat on her or anything, but I would try to save her from herself. Or at least try to help her come up with a artful dodge – those are pretty freaking rude questions – or step in myself if someone was rude like that in front of me.

No one should be asking, but a blatant lie (from her) is just dumb. Now, if someone asked me, I would honor her secret and not tell or even hint.


Comment by Kristin.

I live one block away from a New York Kids Club and I am always looking for fun new creative classes for my son to try out.

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