01 Jun
My Brother’s Ex Is Making A Huge Mistake

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

My brother’s ex-girlfriend is getting married just because she   is pregnant.   The man she is marrying cheats on her (she knows) and bad-mouths her to whoever will listen.

Both families are pretty religious and have told them that they have to get married because she’s pregnant. She was extremely hurt when my brother broke up with her and a week later she started seeing this guy.

She used to be pretty good friends with my brother’s current girlfriend, which is how I found out about all this (she’s not the only one who told me though), his current girlfriend is super concerned and was wondering if I could talk to her.. She doesn’t want to because she thinks the ex will just think she’s trying to cause drama..

My husband thinks I should stay out of it, but I do s till care about my brother’s ex and don’t want her to be miserable for the rest of her life.. I just don’t know what I should do! Do I talk to her (and if so how???) or do I just stay out of it? Help me please!!


Paved With Good Intentions


Dear Good Intentions,

We don’t say this often at The Mouthy Housewives, but—LISTEN TO YOUR HUSBAND.

Do not get involved in this hornet’s nest of horror.

That is, unless you are close friends with your brother’s ex. Then you should treat her like you would any other close friend—with as much honesty and respect that you can muster while telling her that her life is a cluster-you-know-what of   badness and that she shouldn’t compound one bad decision, I’m sorry, I mean miracle, with another.

And then be prepared to lose the friendship because the prospect of getting married, even to some horror show, transforms some women into raving lunatics.   And the pregnancy hormones probably won’t help.

If you feel that you absolutely cannot have a moment’s peace until you let her know that she’s making a mistake, I suggest that you sent her a text.   Something along the lines of   “I wish you well, but I think you deserve so much better.”   In that case, if she wants to discuss her options with you further, she’ll know that you are available.

But make sure to send the text   in self-destructing type, so that she can never use it against you.

Best of luck,

Marinka, TMH


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2 Responses to “My Brother’s Ex Is Making A Huge Mistake”


Comment by Kelly.

Why not call her, take her to lunch, buy her a baby gift, and see if you can get her talking? She probably needs a voice of reason and maybe you can be that without the drAMa everyone else is throwing her way.


Comment by Rojopaul.

I feel sorry for the baby. What a mess. Maybe you can suggest she forego the wedding and give the baby up for adoption. Then she will be able to cut all ties with this loser. She probably is in Cinderella world thinking the baby will make everything better between them. And while it might for 5 minutes, eventually he’ll be cheatin’ and she’ll be cryin’ and raising a baby on her own.

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