12 Dec
I Like You! Just Not Your Jewelry.

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

My new friend is selling one of those jewelry lines. Stella and Bella or whatever. The jewelry is not exactly my taste, but I feel bad not buying anything. She hasn’t pressured me at all, however I don’t want this to jeopardize a new friendship. Should I just buy something?


Keep Your Crown Jewels Away From Me


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4 Responses to “I Like You! Just Not Your Jewelry.”


Comment by StephanieG.

Don’t do it! If she is selling jewelry now, it could be Pampered Chef next week and Mary Kay the week after. If you start a mercy purchase program just to be nice, you could end up with a ton of stuff you don’t like and you won’t use just because you don’t want to hurt her feelings.

If she is a real friend, she won’t care whether you’re buying her wares or not. If she’s just in it for the sale, she’s won’t be around for long if you’re not buying from her.


Comment by deathstar.

Yep, I would buy the least expensive thing I could and give it to someone else as a gift. I would let her know that it’s not really your taste. I used to sell stuff like that once (my husband’s idea) and I found it interesting how people would rather buy from any retailer than help out a friend. If you really like her and want to hang out with her, it’s a nice thing to do.


Comment by Antionette Blake.

So I guess you wouldn’t be interested in Avon – lol Happy New Year!


Comment by Lauren.

Tell her you are allergic to metals and faux stones

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