13 Aug
Friends Help Friends Vacuum

Dear Mouthy Housewives Heather and Kelcey,

What do you think about a friend who invites you to stay at her apartment during the BlogHer conference, but then she casually insists that you vacuum her apartment?




Dear “Wendi”,

Well, it’s your bad luck that Kelcey and Heather are at a spa today and I’m womanning the shop.  Personally, I don’t see what the big deal is.  In the spirit of sisterhood, we should all be helping each other with domestic chores. Besides, with the Mouthy Housewives party sponsor LG Kompressor vacuum, you hardly broke a sweat!

Can’t wait for you to visit again!  Mi casa is su casa! (And next time, you WILL do windows.)



(Note: Please excuse the dramatical stylings of the Housewives. We were kicked out of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts for insubordination & excessive beer bonging. Also, the cinematography was done by Ms. Madison,   Marinka’s 10-year-old neighbor, who we think has a bright future in directing industrial videos.)

Many thanks to our wonderful Mouthy Party sponsor LG Electronics for outfitting all of us and our guests with the awesome LG Kompressor! Yes, everybody who came to our Mouthy Housewives BlogHer party is getting a vacuum! It’s just like we’re frickin’ Oprah, but without the latent thyroid condition and our “boyfriend” Steadman! Woohoo! YOU GET A VACUUM! YOU GET A VACUUM! YOU, well, you get a pack of gum and a pat on the head, but then YOU GET A VACCUM!

11 Responses to “Friends Help Friends Vacuum”


Comment by writingmama04.

What a great sponsor in LG! I’m in need of a new vaccuum since we got that stupid dog. I never in my life realized how much hair could come off a short-hair dog in one day. Another reason to start drinking. If only I had smart enough to have filled out the ‘please send me online ads and other spam’ cards at your fabulous cocktail party at Blogher. Maybe next time, I’ll listen to the hostess at the door to visit the sponsors and see their fine products!


Comment by NYNancy.

Laugh all you like – but I was genuinely excited about that vacuum. Sad sad sad. I used to get excited over hunky guys. And now it’s a blade in a compressor vacuum.


Comment by A Mom on Spin.

She should have vacuumed Marinka’s cosmo just to see how that went. . .


Comment by hokgardner.


And I was totally at the Mouth Housewives Party. I’m surprised you don’t remember seeing me there.

When can I expect my vacuum to arrive?


Comment by Julie N. @ StageMama.com.

You say Kompressor, I say compressor. Tomato, tomahto. All I care about is all the crushed up fishie crackers on every floor of my house that will be magically smooshed into a hockey puck that I can cover with Kraft Mac N Cheese and re-feed to the baby. LG & The Mouthy Housewives rock! Whoo! (And give good party.)


Comment by Wendi.

(Please note that this was all Method Acting on my part and I have the calluses on my hands to prove it since she made me vacuum for 3 hours straight.)


Comment by anna see.

My kids can’t wait until my vacuum arrives. I have used the whole hockey puck image to get them excited about vacuuming as a sport.

Bravo ladies!


Comment by Tonya.

The party was awesome and I can’t wait for my LG vacuum!!! If I have any problems with it though, like say my wrist hurts or I’m feeling faint and need to sit and eat a cookie, can I call Wendi?


Comment by Lisa Rae @ smacksy.

I enjoy that you captured all of this cinematic magnificence in just one long shot. Everyone knows, editing is for pussies.



Comment by Lisa Rae @ smacksy.

Oh – and Wendi – You can vacuum my house anytime you want. My glorious LG should be arriving shortly. *happy dance*


Comment by Desperate Dietwives.

Your friend’s a cow.

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