28 Jun
BlogHer or Bust!

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

I have been stressing and planning and finally booked my ticket to BlogHer 2010 in NYC. I’m ready to meet some fabulous women, and network and learn and have fun, and have dinner with super cool ladies… and of course, SHOP.

BlogHer is 6 weeks away and my excitement levels are growing, but now, out of nowhere, one of my closest friends informed me that our group (since birth) of best friends are planning a trip to NYC two weeks after BlogHer! And? They’re begging me to join them. Which means, it’s BlogHer OR NYC with BF’s for me. I can’t do both. I can’t leave my 2 little boys (2 and 4) twice in one month.

I don’t know which trip to go on! BlogHer. Or with my friends. My friends will always be there. They’ll forgive me if I don’t join them. But BlogHer in NYC? Seems perfect. I love my blog and I think this is the year for me to go to BlogHer. I feel like I might regret not going if I don’t go. But my best friends and the laughs and the late night chats… I AM TORN! HELP ME!


Stressed to the Max Loulou


Dear Stressed,

According to the Cannon of Ethics Rules of Advice Mavens, I should recuse myself from answering this question because of a conflict of interest.  Because I know that I am one of the super cool ladies that you were planning to dine with, so how can I be impartial, right?

Fortunately for me (and the boys I knew in high school)  I am not very ethical, so I’m going to give it to you straight: Your friends suck.

I know, I know, you’ve been friends from birth and they are your besties, but still. Suck.  A lot.

Because what kind of friends “inform” you that you’re all going to NYC on a certain date? Don’t they know that part of the excitement of a girls’ weekend away is planning for the girls’ weekend away?  Did you ever wonder why they decided to exclude you from that?  Well, wonder no more.  It’s because they want to deprive you of happiness.

The happiness of BlogHer.  The happiness of bonding with the bloggers that you’ve grown to love.  And the happiness of paying for their dinner.

You should end all contact with them immediately, come to BlogHer and make new and better friends.

Or, you could bring your kids and husband along for the ride on one of the two trips.   I heard that there are things in NYC for kids to do.

See you in August!


Marinka, TMH

9 Responses to “BlogHer or Bust!”


Comment by Desperate Dietwives.

Before reading Marinka’s advice I had thought just to tell you to go to BlogHer; I hadn’t paid attention to the fact that you were INFORMED of the planned NYC trip: THIS REALLY SUCKS!!!

Anyway, BlogHer is a unique opportunity to meet people you have come to know by reading their blogs: it’s going to be utter fun, so don’t miss it on any account!

I have no blog, but I do attend forums and we organize meetings (a big one once a year and many small ones during the year), and I can tell you they are simply priceless.

So, apart from anything else, as you said yourself your friends are always going to be there (unless you wisely decide to dump them, as they seem to have sort of dumped you), BlogHer won’t.

And anyway, when did they inform you of their planned trip, before or AFTER you told them of your wish to go to BlogHer? Because if it was afterwards, that sounds just like green-eyed jealousy to me and I wouldn’t want to have any jealous friend around me: I prefer very much the joy-sharing types…

Good luck and have fun at BlogHer!


Comment by Wendi.

What dinner? I wasn’t invited to any dinner. And I’m a super cool lady, aren’t I? Aren’t I?


Comment by LadySteele.

My question is this….if your BFFs are so close to you, why weren’t they aware of ‘your’ trip before they created ‘their’ trip? Either you’re not telling them what’s going on in your life like a good BFF should, or they’re not listening.


Comment by writingmama04.

Sounds like an unvitation to me. Go to BlogHer, forget the ‘friends’. Think of all the new ones you will make!


Comment by dusty earth mother.


that’s all i’m sayin’.

besides that Marinka’s right and your friends suck.


Comment by Mommy on the Spot.

I agree with going to Blogher. I also agree with Marinka; why didn’t you guys discuss the date as opposed to just telling you? My MIL does that, and it drives me crazy!!


Comment by Heather, TMH.

Now I’m hurt that BlogHer didn’t discuss the BlogHer dates with me prior. And I thought we were friends.


Comment by MommyTime.

My kids *love* NYC — so I’d bring yours along too. They’ll have a great time at the Sparklecorn party. Or out for drinks with your Besties. Hmmm… I see the dilemma.


Comment by Nicole Feliciano.

Seriously. My college sorority sisters and I plan a getaway each year–with 365 days of notice. Your friends need to get day planners. But either way, since you are going to NYC, I put together a list of mommy time outs:


We can’t let the mom bloggers down and give them a bad NYC experience!

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