15 Feb
Bebe, Bebe, Bebe….No!

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

Should a grown woman shop at Bebe? You know, that skanky store in the mall? My friend buys all of her “going out” clothes there, and she looks like a desperate 40-year-old slut. What do you think?


Act Your Age


Dear Act Your Age,

True story: I once got completely stuck in a black tube skirt in a Bebe dressing room. Of course, this was when I was 25, so I had no pride and occasionally shopped there for “party wear,” but it was humiliating nonetheless. I still remember the look on the salesgirl’s disgusted face when she had to grab onto my ankles and yank on me like a pig stuck in a gunny sack. Seriously, I thought I’d be wearing that $59 piece of Lycra shit for the rest of my life. Or at least until the fire department showed up with a crowbar.

Ah, memories!

Anyway, where your friend wants to shop is completely up to her unless you’re A) her mother or B) paying her Visa bill. But for whatever reason, buying clothes designed by those genius Kardashians makes her feel good, so you have no right to tell her that she looks like a trampy Vegas barfly.

If you’re embarrassed to be around her when she’s all dolled up in a red bandage dress and f*ck me pumps, well, that maybe says more about you than her. So my advice is to just suck it up and deal with it because what someone wears is the least of your problems.

Unless you’re dating Jon Gosselin. That Ed Hardy crap is super nasty.


Wendi, TMH

10 Responses to “Bebe, Bebe, Bebe….No!”


Comment by Ashley.

Great advice! The only time I step foot in Bebe is when I’m in Vegas! Too funny!


Comment by Plano Mom.

Never been in there. But unless she asks, a friend is only subject to the three Bs: 1) Boobs 2) Bush 3) Boogers. If she’s showing any of the three, you gotta say something – it’s the code. Anything else, your opinion is exactly that. You can pick on the kind of guys she attracts.


Comment by muffintopmommy.

Wendi, stop trying to pretend you’re all klassy shopping at Ann Taylor and stuff. We know you’re still lurking at bebe–you wrote this post to send out a feeler. It’s a cry for help, we all know it. You know deep down, that’s not the look Coach Taylor goes for. You need to stop. The low cut tops Tami wears on FNL I’m pretty sure are Jaclyn Smith for big K, not bebe. I hope you seek help.

admin Reply:

No! I don’t shop at Bebe!

I shop at their new plus sized store, Bebe Fat.

Steph Reply:

isn’t it Baby Phat?

marathonmom Reply:

Yes, that is correct.


Comment by Kimberly.

Hands down the best advice I have ever seen.


Comment by Lynn MacDonald (All Fooked Up).

and honestly, if you’re dating Jon Gosselin, than what other people wear is STILL THE LEAST OF YOUR PROBLEMS…just saying.

BTW…i wouldn’t let my kids shop in that store…cheap, tawdry…just saying


Comment by Patty.

It’s all in the attitude. If one is a bit lumpy, stuffed in spandex like a sausage, but feels like Vicky’s Secret model with wings, well, one can still rock Bebe and indulge the inner Cougar. On the other hand, it’s cheaper and less painful to buy a bottle of Jil Sanders No. 4 and let that luscious scent bring out the inner Woman, who can kick ass in her own right and still have the guys drooling. Well, at least one guy. Who is in the doghouse right now, but I’ll let him back into the house later.


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