04 Dec

7 Responses to “I DON’T WANT TO BE ‘FREE’”


Comment by Kirsten.

LOL per usual.

Child free couples also have no idea how to have a conversation without being constantly interrupted. That is just not a skill you can master without a few years of practice.


Comment by Heather.

Nice how “child-free” couples get all bent out of shape if you mock their choice not to have children. Yet they feel entitled to harass you for your choice to be a parent.


Comment by Pritiwoman.

Another thing a child-free woman cannot do is use her children as a good excuse for being fat. I had my twins 28 years ago, and I still tell people it’s the pregnancy weight. When I get dementia, I think I’ll blame that on my kids, too. Mouthy Housewives, you rock.


Comment by Stacy (the Random Cool Chick).

AHAHAHA! I love it! I get to blame the house being messy on the Princess Nagger. You know, because no way do I let it slide to blog. Much. 😉


Comment by AmyMusings.

I knew the ophthalmologist I brought my children too was child-free because the second we left the exam room to check out frames, she magically picked up all the toys my younger son had left all over the floor. She couldn’t stand it. She has no idea the joy I have in picking all that shit up myself. She deprived me. I was a little pissed about it. Damn those child-free people who can’t stand toys on the floor for longer than a minute. They are so missing out.


Comment by Ann.

This was perfect.


Comment by Stephanie.

LOL! My childless friends have no idea why I never answer the phone during the day. Because all I want to do is try to have a conversation about nothing with a two year old yammering in the background about spiderman.

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