02 Aug
Well Designed Fashion Advice

Lest you think that we don’t go to the most awesome sources to obtain advice for our readers, when we got a fashion question, we headed straight to the best.  Liz Lange, a fashion icon, maternity wear designer, Target superstar and the force behind Shopafrolic  visits us to impart fashion wisdom. And she makes it work! We couldn’t be more thrilled to have her here. Thank you for joining us today, Liz!


Dear Mouthy Housewives,

My sister in law keeps saying things like, “Remember, no whites after Labor Day!” and implying that because I’m in my mid-40s, I shouldn’t wear shorts.

I know she’s being obnoxious, but I do wonder if there are any “absolute” rules that I should be mindful of? Can you help me not become a fashion disaster?


Fashionable Frieda


Dear Frieda,

Upon reading about your bossypants sister-in-law the only rule that came to my mind is the “eyes on your own paper/mind your own business” rule!

But seriously when it comes to fashion, there are absolutely no rules.   If you wear what you like and what makes you feel pretty, you can’t go wrong.   But let’s address each of her issues.

Let’s start with the “no whites after Labor Day” myth.   Hello? Winter whites, beautiful cream? White is an all-year-round color and I personally live in my white jeans 12 months of the year – I love it with a black skinny turtleneck.   Ralph Lauren, Coco Chanel and Michael Kors, to name just three major designers/tastemakers, always have white in their fall/winter offerings.

As far as shorts are concerned: that is about your legs, NOT about your age.   If your legs are good, you can wear shorts at any age.  Period.   That said, there are so many different styles/lengths of shorts these days that almost anyone can find a pair that works for them.   And by the way, if you could rock shorts in your 20s, you can probably still rock them now.


Liz Lange, Guest Mouthy Housewife

14 Responses to “Well Designed Fashion Advice”


Comment by Desperate Dietwives.

Can’t you retaliate with some obnoxious observation about her? Like, I don’t know, “remember: always wholesome meals for the kids” or something? Because your SIL is really an annoying git!!!


Comment by Wendi.

Great advice! The “No White After Labor Day” saying seems a little antiquated in this day and age. And if you feel good wearing shorts, just do it. Lord knows it’s hot enough.


Comment by Bean.

Not to mention that the “rule” was no white SHOES after labor day.

There is no reason to listen to crazy people. Unless you can be amused by them.


Comment by Glamamom.

I totally agree with Liz, there are no rules and you need to wear what makes you feel comfortable!


Comment by Hastymama.

Remember, you can change clothes, but you can’t fix Stupid, my dear. 😉

Plano Mom Reply:

Nor tacky.


Comment by Plano Mom.

I still remember the time Princess Fergie wore white shoes after Labor Day on a trip to Houston. Made the front page of the newspaper. It’s stupid, but a lot of southern girls have had it drilled into our heads. Perhaps her mother was a fashion Nazi. Try to have pity, but ignore her advice.


Comment by Kelcey.

I feel so much better about the short shorts I’ve squeezed on to my 40 something body. And I love my white jeans. I feel liberated!!


Comment by Meredith L..

My grandma wears shorts in her EIGHTIES.

She’s lived through the Depression, WWII, a crazy husband, divorce, another husband who traveled 5 days a week, raising 6 kids on a traveling salesman’s salary, burying a daughter, burying a husband, burying her brother, and her sister’s stroke. I DARE ANYONE TO TELL HER NOT TO WEAR SHORTS AT HER AGE.


Comment by highlyirritable.

While I agree that, for the most part, personal style should not be dictated by others, I do have a few personal pet peeves. And, well, this *is* “The Mouthy Housewives,” so I feel entitled to sound off.

1. No white pantyhose, unless you are a) under 24 months of age; or b) a nurse in nostalgic for the 1950’s. In which case, IT’S NOT THE 50’S.

2. Jeggings. These are wrong on so many levels that I cannot even formulate coherent thoughts about them without causing serious damage to myself, and I already have high blood pressure. If anyone wants photographic proof, Google Conan O’Brien + jeggings. Go on; I double dog dare you.

That’s about it. My son wore a skull and crossbones bathing suit to school for picture day, and his passport photo showcases him in a Ninja Turtle costume, so I am definitely not a fashionista.


Marinka, TMH Reply:

darn it! I just missed the 24 month cut off by a few decades!


Comment by Sarah T.

Hey, anyone can make whatever rules for *themselves* they want. But rules for other people’s clothing? Why does it matter so much to some people that others feel ashamed of their taste? People are odd…


Comment by Amy W.

Other than wearing white to someone else’s wedding, I have no problem with year round white. As a southern girl, I had it burned into my brain that you don’t wear white before Easter, or after Labor Day. It’s 2011… that fashion “rule” is out. Especially in the deep south, where it’s hot roughly 8 months of the year. Wearing cooling white linen trousers or shorts after Labor Day is almost a must! I’ve been blessed. My sister-in-law is a fashion designer & worked for a great line in New York for years! Now she’s started her very own line & she has always “styled” me for everything from special occasions to every day wear. My mother-in-law, who is over 60 also wears this line, and looks fashionable yet age appropriate. If you’re looking for a new designer… check out http://www.81poppies.com


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