23 Oct
Mouthing Off: It’s a Fetus, Not a Future Bunny

On Monday morning, AOL had this on their home page:


And a few question came to mind.

Like what’s with AOL not having access to apostrophes? Who’s “dying” to know about her baby? And how does one accidentally reveal their baby’s gender on Twitter?! Did Mr. Holly think he was writing in his secret diary and surprise! He posted it on Twitter instead?

Also, is “smoking mom” a description of Holly’s looks or what she was caught doing in the alley behind her OB/GYN’s office? But the biggest question we have is why do people think it’s okay to refer to a female fetus as a possible future bunny?

Maybe it’s the crazy idea that sexualizing children (and fetuses! and embryos!) is repulsive. Or that “a little boy or a little girl” would have gotten the gender message across just fine. But enough already.

Call a girl a girl. Without making her into a Playmate. Do you think you can do that AOL? No apostrophes required.


One Response to “Mouthing Off: It’s a Fetus, Not a Future Bunny”


Comment by suburbancorrespondent.

Meh. It was the context. The mom (I guess) is a Playboy Bunny. So, they’re saying, in a roundabout way, that it might be a little girl who will grow up to be as “smoking” as her mom.

Okay, now that I’ve typed that – ewwww. You’re right.

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