19 Nov
Good Housekeeping @Home

The Mouthy Housewives recently learned of a useful new app for the iPhone from Good Housekeeping (yeah, that Good Housekeeping. The ones with the SEAL.) Since I’m the only Mouthy Housewife smart enough to actually have an iPhone instead of one of those “other” phones that pale in comparison because you can’t play Angry Birds and neglect your children, I was able to try it out first. And let me tell you, it’s a good thing I did.

While there are many reasons to like this app—the Home Decor Gallery, the News & Tips, the Do-It-All Cleaning features—here’s the main reason I’m happy to have this at my fingertips: The Stain Buster button.

Oh, did I not mention earlier that my middle name is “Stain?”

Not only do I have two little boys, but I also have an incontinent 18-year-old cat and a husband who sometimes forgets to put caps back on the ketchup bottle before he starts shaking it like he’s Tom Cruise in Cocktail. That, plus my propensity to sometimes spill wine when I get super excited during a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills marathon, means I’m always running to my computer to research stain removal. Unfortunately, this can take a little time what with the booting up, the Googling, the stopping at TMZ.com to see Mel Gibson’s latest rant and that all means that by the time I finally find the answer, THE STAIN HAS SET. And as God is my witness, you NEVER want the stain to set, my friends. It’s sudden death.

But now, with the Stain Buster app on my phone, I can spill my Kirkland wine all over my Kirkland sweatpants and it’s just mere seconds before I know the proper way to remove it. I also now know how to remove an avocado stain from carpet and baked bean stains from a couch, as well as the number one stain (per GH) blood from fabric! (I’ll let you use your imagination as to what I was up to the night I caused all of those stains in a 20-minute period. I still don’t like to talk about it.)

And the best part of all, the GH @Home app is free so be sure to check it out before you spill something again.

(That is, if you’re smart enough to have an iPhone.)

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