26 Feb
Take This Job and Shove It?

Today we welcome with open-arms our fabulous guest-poster Lisa from Smacksy. If you haven’t read Smacksy before, get there as fast as you can. Lisa is a charming, funny, down-to-earth writer who regularly regales her readers with what it’s like to live with a preschooler named Bob who doesn’t like to wear pants. We’re honored to have you, Lisa!

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

I am really angry because a slacker colleague got a bigger raise than I did.   I found out about it because she assumed that we got the same amount and told me. I am now very upset, and my morale is at an all-time low. Do I say something to my boss or suck it up?


Raise A Stink?


Dearest R.A. Stink,

Deep in the job history that is not represented on my resume, I was employed as a food server, or as we referred to it in the olden days, a “waitress.” One busy lunch shift, I confided in another waitress, Pammy, that our manager, Felix had been subtly hitting on me. Never anything blatant enough to call him on, but Felix stood too close, he would brush up against me, and had a skeezy overall vibe. This outraged Pammy. I soon found out that Pammy and Felix had actually been seeing each other on the down low for a few months. Once I knew that she knew and he knew that I knew that she knew and he knew the whole deal was awkward for all involved.

My first point is if your slacker co-worker is a pleasant horse-faced gal named Pammy, she may very well be sleeping with your boss. My second and sharper point is that you never really know what goes on behind the scenes in the workplace or why people make the money they do. Your lazy cubicle roommate may have an MBA that you don’t, or job experience that you don’t, or better salary-negotiating skills than you do. It doesn’t really matter.

You’re going to have to nut up. Bringing the discrepancy up to your boss will only brand you as a bitter whiner and out your lazy colleague as a big mouth. The gift in all this is that when it comes time for your next review, you will have inside knowledge that puts you in a better position to ask for the “going rate” for your position.

Be cool to the blabber-mouthed slacker. She unwittingly did you a favor… and the way things are going, she could be your new supervisor.


Lisa, Guest TMH

12 Responses to “Take This Job and Shove It?”


Comment by the mama bird diaries.

She could start sleeping with her boss. No, no, that would be wrong. Your advice is much more “high road.”


Comment by Ann.

My first point is if your slacker co-worker is a pleasant horse-faced gal named Pammy, she may very well be sleeping with your boss


(oh, and Kelcey that was classic)


Comment by Marinka, TMH.

Is horse-face supposed to be pejorative or something?


Comment by Lynn.

I bet she’s sleeping with the boss.


Comment by Wendi.

“Slacker colleague,” in my experience, is always code for “guy who buys pot for the boss.”

Excellent advice, Lisa!


Comment by Maddnessofme.

EXCELLENT advice!!! Excellent excellent excellent. Probably the best advice I have ever seen on this topic. Good job!

Lisa Rae @ smacksy Reply:

Wow thanks!
Mom? Is that you?


Comment by marathonmom.

bologna on the windows and some plastic forks in the yard work good too, but probably considered the “frontage road”.


Comment by Heather.

Great advice! And if you don’t mind, I’m going to use the phrase “you’re going to have to nut up.” Raising two boys (three if you count the husband), it could come in handy and take on many different meanings.


Comment by Daphne East.

Perfectly perfect advice. Will you come negotiate my next raise?


Comment by Karen.

Excellent advice! You make it seem so easy. I went the other route once. As the whiney ass comments were coming out of my mouth I wanted to run. The slacker coworker would have been my boss if I had still had a job there. (Ick shiver) Awkward.


Comment by DG at Diaryofamadbathroom.

It is very true that you never really know what is going on behind the scenes. “Nut up” indeed.

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