24 Sep
How Do I Get My Kid To Sleep in His Own Bed?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

Our son is almost 4 and still sleeps in bed with us; right there between my husband and me. It’s awful. No one’s getting any good sleep, and sex is basically out of the question. How can we gently take back our bed?


From the Edge of the Bed


How are they going to take back their bed?! For the answer, just visit us on Blogher by clicking right here.

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24 Aug
Well, Bless Your Heart — Uh, Unless That Offends You

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

The other day I was at the house of my daughter’s friend. The kids were having a play date and I was chatting with the mom. Our daughters were in preschool together, but I don’t know the family that well. At some point her husband joined us and we had a pleasant conversation until he sneezed, and I said, “Bless you!” His response? “I’m an atheist, and I don’t want to be blessed.”

I was really taken aback and didn’t say anything.

Should I have? Should I say something to him or his wife?




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05 May
What to Do When Your Tween Wakes Up Grumpy

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

My pre-teen daughter wakes up so grumpy every morning.

It ruins the whole morning before she leaves for school. I miss the days when she was little and woke up singing. Any ideas to get her out of her morning funk?


My Daughter is Grumpy


 Marinka’s brilliant Mouthy Housewives answer is just one click away on BlogHer…

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26 Aug
Back 2 Cool Sweepstakes with Volunteer Spot

This post is sponsored by VolunteerSpot.com.

I love 3:00 p.m. Not because that’s when “Judge Judy” is on, but because 3:00 p.m. is time the school bus stops on the corner and drops off my boys. I always wait by the front door, eager to hear about what they learned and who they played with during their eight hours away from me. Then, as soon as they walk inside the house, my precious little babies heave a big sigh, drop their backpacks on my foot and greet me with the sweet, sweet words: “Yo, can I have a snack?”

Okay, it’s not really that bad, but after a full day of school, they’re a little bit fried. Seriously, Jack looked like Reverend Jim from “Taxi” his entire second grade year. So that’s why I’ve always let them relax after they get home from school and do whatever they want. Watch TV, play on the computer, run around the cul-de-sac with their buddies—anything to let off a little steam before dinner and homework. I think of it as the equivalent of a Happy Hour after working all day in an office.

But now that they’re older—fifth and seventh grade—the after-school activities have begun in full force. We now have scout meetings, sports practice, playdates, honor society meetings, etc. and it tends to be really confusing to someone like me who isn’t exactly “competent” at keeping ever-changing schedules straight. I’m also not very skilled at reading the hundreds of Reply-All emails from the parents involved in organizing such activities. (“Not very skilled” = “Deleted them in a fit of rage.”)

That’s why I’m always pushing activity show runners to use VolunteerSpot.com, a wonderful online organizational tool founded by friend Karen Bantuveris. VS has free sign-up sheets and email reminders that are super helpful when it’s your turn to do things like bring the after-school soccer snack. (OMG, those little kids get vicious when they don’t get their juice boxes.) They help you coordinate any after-school volunteer type of activity so you don’t show up at ballet practice with 100 hot dog buns that were meant for the baseball concession stand.

And if that wasn’t enough good news for your school year, VolunteerSpot is celebrating Back to School with a HUGE sweepstakes where you can win more than $20,000 in prizes for you and your school!  The current theme is “After School Cool”– some of the great prizes you can win for you AND your child’s after school group include a $500 Amex card (to fund uniforms, a trip, a celebration), Care.com FreeTime credits, and Cabot Creamery gift packs with enough artisan cheese to snack up the whole team! Plus you’ll be automatically entered to win a $1,500 grant for your favorite school!

  ‘Back 2 Cool Sweepstakes’ | After-School Cool: When You Plan, You Win!

After-school activities play a vital, positive role for children in fostering their interests, values and growth, and those activities take lots of coordination. Now is your chance to be After School Cool in the VolunteerSpot ‘Back 2 Cool’ Sweepstakes event and win amazing experiences for your afterschool groups, your school and you!


You can win one of these awesome After School Cool prizes for you and your school, and you’ll automatically be entered to win the grand prize in our Big ‘Back 2 Cool’ Sweepstakes – one of 3 – $1,500 Grants for your School and an iPad for you!  Remember, share this giveaway with your friends and others at your school, and you can increase your chances of winning.  Look at what your school and you can win:


Prizes You can Win for Yourself:

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  • $75 Cabot Creamery Gift Box (15 winners)
  • $100 Gift Certificate to Afterschool.com (1 winner)

Prizes You can Win for Your Favorite Afterschool Group:

  • $500 Fun Grant from Care.com (an Amex card to fund a trip, a celebration, uniforms or equipment)
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Just for entering, you’ll receive:

  • 30% savings on a Care.com membership
  • 25% off 1st month subscription to Kiwi Crate

AND you’ll be automatically entered to win a $1,500 Grant for your favorite School in our BIG Back to School Sweepstakes!  (3 winners)


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12 Dec
I Like You! Just Not Your Jewelry.

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

My new friend is selling one of those jewelry lines. Stella and Bella or whatever. The jewelry is not exactly my taste, but I feel bad not buying anything. She hasn’t pressured me at all, however I don’t want this to jeopardize a new friendship. Should I just buy something?


Keep Your Crown Jewels Away From Me


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